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Home Away From Home

Recently my wife and I have been visiting other churches. It’s not because we were dissatisfied with our home church and looking for a new place to worship, it was because we wanted to visit a place where friends of our attend. It’s not the first time we’ve done this. We like visiting other places […]

Get Discipled, Not Frozen

By now, there is probably no one who hasn’t heard of or seen the Disney movie Frozen. As I’ve watched this movie a number of times with my children, I could not help but notice that there was one thing that stuck out at me regarding the main character Elsa. Apart from all of us […]

Putting Urgency in Perspective

One of the conversations that has been stirred up recently in my community is the consideration of who we are as Christians in the world. Better still, is the thought of how we will conduct ourselves as Christians. In one such conversation there came the awareness that there has been three main views when it […]

Holy Ghost Movie Review

This weekend, I had the privilege of watching the now released Holy Ghost movie written and produced by Darren Wilson through Wanderlust. I viewed this via live stream on Saturday while it was premiering live from Bethel  in Redding, CA. I watched it a second time with my wife Sunday evening and shared the link […]

Contending for Your Wife

One of the greatest struggles for me as a husband has been how to resolve the fact that I am not physically strong. As a husband, the thought has always been how would I protect my wife should someone or something threaten her. Recently, that thought has come up again because my wife was approached […]

The Cross Comes With a Cost

In our walk as disciples, we often like to think that the road will always be a bed of ease. Yet, Jesus never promised us that our walk would be easy. In fact, everywhere you turn, Jesus reminded his disciples of just exactly how hard it would be to follow him. Salvation is free, but […]

He Who Finds A Wife

One of the things that I find fascinating about the creation story in Genesis is how it speaks of how perfectly God ordered the relationship that was meant to be had between a husband and his wife. In Genesis 2 we see Adam after he is placed in the Garden, God has given him the task […]

A Husband is His Band in Marriage

One of the things that I’m learning throughout the course of my life is the power of words and the depths that God went to give purpose meaning to everything that he set forth as a name. When it comes to marriage, God set the standard for relationship between a man and his wife by […]

The Light at the End of Noah’s Tunnel

I know I’m late, but my family and I aren’t always privileged enough to be among those who get to see movies when they first come out in theaters. We have active, busy lives. Even greater than that is the fact that we don’t have the luxury of a network of people to go to […]

Are We Too Busy For Disciple Making?

My recent thoughts on discipling got me to thinking, “do we really allow ourselves the necessary time to disciple others?” When you think about discipling, and especially the way Jesus did it, it was very labor intensive. That’s not to say that Jesus was overworked or even overwhelmed by it. To be clear, how Jesus discipled was well thought out […]

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