Finding Inspiration and Building Momentum

I find from time to time that it’s not always easy to get started or moving in a new direction. Trust me when I say that even writing this very blog did not find its way to being posted with any sense of ease. It took quite a bit of processing. Even though I have a concise reason for blogging these days, I had to find my inspiration.

I find that inspiration can be a great means for fostering change. Without inspiration, much of what we see, use and desire would not be. Where would the aviation industry be if Sir Isaac Newton had not been inspired by the apple that fell from a tree? What would we believe about our world today if Columbus hadn’t been inspired to sail in the direction that led him to a land that he didn’t even know existed? The real question I have is this: Where do you find your inspiration?

I find that for me, inspiration comes from one of three places: Observation, Meditation, and Conversation.

  • Observation: I tend to observe a lot in everyday events, including the places I go, the things I read, and the moments I share with other people. This often provides much inspiration for my writings, the tasks I take on, as well as the conversations I become involved in.
  • Meditation: Meditating or times of contemplation allows for much inspiration. We absorb a great deal of information within the confines of a 24 hour period, but when we reflect and ponder those things in the quiet times of our lives, it can become the catalyst for great inspiration.
  • Conversation: Everyday conversation brings about much inspiration for me because as they say, “two heads are better than one.” I find that conversation with like minds and even contrary minds can create a synergy for inspiring me.


It is my earnest hope that through this medium and everything I do that part of my legacy is being an inspiration.

Question: How do you find inspiration?

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