All Maxed Out

It’s not uncommon for us to become drained from the hustle and bustle of our everyday activities. We all have lives that seem to become a flurry of events as we take on more and more tasks in our family affairs, careers and ministries. When your calendar seems to have fewer empty spaces than full ones, it’s so easy to feel worn and exhausted.


What helps me to be sure that I’m staying on track in life and that I’m keeping the “Main Thing” the main thing is that I was introduced to the concept of having a strategic life plan. I haven’t always known about them, and when I first started to make one, I’ll admit that it jolted me. But I must tell you, the advantages of seeing your life written out in such a way can really make a difference in how you live. If you have fears about making a strategic life plan, below are some reasons that may make the decision more palatable.


  • Visualization: The bible tells us that we should, “write the vision and make it plain upon tablets.” Having your life written out is one way to keep things in front of your face. When you keep things in front of you, they are hard to ignore. If your life plan is a good one, it should inspire you, push you, and energize you.
  • Organization: Keeping yourself organized is always good. A good life plan should help keep your life in order. A life out of balanced can be detrimental to you, your family and those who count on you. God is a god of order and as such desires that we too be a people of order. When your life is in order and in balance, things seem to flow much better.
  • Prioritization: It’s always a good thing to have your priorities straight. Having a plan that lays out your life helps you to evaluate your priorities, keep them straight and makes sure that you don’t get distracted by things that don’t fall in line with what you have considered to be what is most important and valuable. Keeping first things first helps you maximize time and cut down on wasted energy on fruitless endeavors.


While there are many formatted strategic life plans, I have personally used The Blueprint for Life.  I love the way it’s laid out, and it works well if you or your church or organization want to work through it in a small group. There are other reasons why a good strategic life plan is worthwhile, but these three are just a few that I think are essential to anyone who hopes to leave a legacy and maximize the life they’ve been blessed with.

A great man and author by the name of Dr. Edwin Louis Cole wrote in a book called Maximized Manhood said that everyone should desire to burn out, not fade out. Having a strategic life plan will help to ensure that you maximize the most in your life so that when you die, you have little to no regrets and you die empty. Dr. Myles Munroe has been known for saying that the place that holds the greatest wealth is the cemeteries; for they are full of unfulfilled destinies. Let this not be said of you.


QUESTION: How has having a strategic life plan helped you?


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