It’s Just the Start.


Have you ever taken the time to go by a commercial construction site or a building project of a residential community? I sure have. It always amazes me how it begins with a hole in the ground and winds up this great finished work of architectural genius.


While all of these awesome buildings that we see and admire are wonderful, none of them would be what they are without a good foundation. I was reminded of this when I was listening to a song on television a few nights ago. It was the Beatles song All You Need is Love. While that song sounds great in theory, the ideal presented is fundamentally unsound. Some will say I’m nitpicking or grasping at straws, but allow me to demonstrate what I mean.


  • Foundations never stand alone: You’ll never see a structure that is simply a foundation. What purpose would it serve without anything to be placed upon it? Foundations are meant to be built upon. If all you ever have is a foundation, have you actually counted the cost of what you had planned to build?
  • Foundations have to give support to a structure: Since foundations are so crucial to a building, they have to be able to handle what the weight of whatever is being supported upon it. Architects, surveyors, building planners, foremen and anyone having to do with a building project pour countless hours reviewing plans to make sure that a foundation will be able to handle the weight of the structure being placed upon it.
  • Foundations must be perfect: For anything to be properly supported on a foundation there cannot be any room for cracks, or air pockets or any other imperfection or flaw. To have any such issue in a foundation is to put whatever is built upon it at risk for shifting and breaking. Flaws in a foundation make a structure subject to being condemned.
  • Foundations must be level: If a foundation is not level and balanced then what is placed on it will be of balance as well.


Despite the success of the song, the truth of the matter is that relationally, love is the foundation. In marriage or any other relationship you have, love may be that which connects you, but love alone won’t sustain you. Love is a great foundation for any relationship and can become the solid and firm support for it. Things such as communication, work, finance, and quantity and quality time are all the things that love supports in the building of a great relationship.


It may feel good to say that all you need is love, but a construct that is just a foundation will leave anyone feeling left out in the cold after a while.


QUESTION: What have you laid upon the love foundation to help build a good relationship?


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  1. This is the information that we need to have good relationships!

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