A Witness Everyday

I’ve been in many courtrooms over the years; mostly, serving as a juror whenever I’ve been summoned. In all those years I’ve come to observe many things. One key thing is that of the role that is played by the witness. As I watch many of them give their testimonies related to the cases, I cannot help but see the correlation between the courtroom witness and that of the Christianwitness that we are to be in our everyday walk.

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  • A Witness Must Be Credible: Before a lawyer even considers putting a witness on the stand, they will interview and investigate them to find out how credible they are. They want to know what the witness’s background is, are they authentic, do they have any expertise that can support or add value and weight to what they say.
  • A Witness Account Must Be First Hand: In the courtroom, a judge wants to know that the witness account is directly from them. They don’t want to hear testimony that is second-hand.
  • A Witness Account Must Be Verifiable: There must be a way for a witness’s testimony to be corroborated. There must be some sort of evidence or even another witness who can substantiate what has been said. (See Matt. 18:16, Deut. 19:15, and 2nd Cor. 13:1)


Given this understanding at the onset, we should keep this in mind as witnesses for Christ in every area of our walk; be it face to face with people we come into contact with, or online in social media arena. We cannot as witnesses give false testimony or make statements without knowing what the truth is. When we do so, we not only injure the one who is on trial but our own credibility. The bible clearly speaks to the damage that a false witness makes not only on the person whom a false statement is made against; it also speaks to the damage it has on the person who gave a false witness.

As witnesses of Christ, we have a responsibility to not only speak truth of the gospel, but speak truth of one another in the gospel. If we bring false accounts against one another, we do not just injure the person whom we speak of, but we bring injury against the entire body of believers and ourselves. We are being watched by both those within the body and those outside the body. If we are to be salt and light, we cannot resort to a witness that present us as dark and flavorless as the world we are meant to bring light and flavor to. Wherever you go and whatever you do, please remember always, that you are a witness every day. Someone somewhere is watching, and somewhere someone is listening, even when you don’t think so.


QUESTION: Do you face a particular challenge when it comes to your witness? What is it?

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