Yes! The Prayer God Loves to Answer

The bible says that Jesus gave us the keys to the kingdom. In the book Yes! The Prayer God Loves to Answer, written by Don Nori, Sr., he reveals a crucial key that unlocks the door to destiny; his and ours. I found the vivid anecdotes amusing and made their points quite compelling.


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In recent weeks, I’ve been privileged to read and review this book of great significance. I’ve read a number of books in my life on the subject of prayer, and few have impressed as much as this one has in its style, simplicity and smooth delivery of the message of how much a loving God wishes to respond to our prayers.


Reasons to read this book:

  • You want insight into how prayers work: Many of us think we know how prayer works. With so many teachings on prayer it can seem we have it all figured out. This book blows the cover off all that and really brings you back to basics. Don Nori, Sr. shows you the nuances of prayer like Vince Lombardi reintroducing his team to football.
  • You want assurance that God hears your prayers: There is probably no greater agony than that of being unsure that your prayers are heard by God. This book will give you the assurance you need to pray and know that you’ve been heard when you pray the prayer that God loves to answer.
  • You hunger and thirst for a divine connection: The bible reveals that those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. If you truly desire that deep connection to God through a prayer life that includes answers you’ll want this book for sure.

What this book has meant to me:

  • I saw myself and my destiny: With each turn of the page, I could not help but feel a kindred spirit with Don Nori, Sr., because I know that feeling of the call to destiny. Reading through this book has shown given me the strength to continue to seek God in prayer as I seek to line up my will with God’s, so that my dream is becoming the dream God has dreamed for me.
  • I was convinced: This book convinced me that the things I knew about the power of yes was right on point. I am also convinced that there is no greater thing we can do as believers than to be in agreement with what God has said.
  • I was encouraged: This book has encouraged me to press harder into my prayer closet to hear from God, not just for what I can get from Him, but to deepen my relationship with Him.


You cannot go wrong in selecting to pick up this book. You may be surprised by what you thought you knew and what you actually know. Destiny awaits us all.


QUESTION: What challenges do you face when it comes to prayer?

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