Excuses Are Out the Window

The year 2011 is almost over and we’re about to cross over into the year 2012. So much has happened and there is so much yet to come. It would be so easy for us to become disenfranchised by the state of the economy, the job market and the level of unemployment, the housing market and all the foreclosures, and the amount of personal and national debt that is owed. Yet, there is always hope in the midst of all these things. While it appears to be nothing but countless roadblocks against you, there are still yet open doors of opportunity.

Since my family and I have moved to Atlanta, we’ve faced a great many challenges, some which have seemed insurmountable. Yet, my wife continually encourages me by letting me know that in the absence of many of the physical afflictions that I used to face when we lived up north, “there are no more excuses.”

  • Information is Everywhere: Whether you’re an avid internet junkie or not, information abounds. You’d be surprised by the number of places you can go and get free information. There are many places where you can attend a seminar or attend a class dealing with a subject that interests you. Perhaps you aren’t one for getting your information via the World Wide Web. Don’t worry, there is always the traditional methods of libraries, book stores and newsstands. I personally like the bookstore a number of reasons.
    • Variety: In many cases, bookstores will carry a wide array of current titles on every imaginable subject that may interest you. In some cases, if they don’t carry a particular book, one can be requested on order within a few weeks.
    • Ease of access: The fact remains that bookstores outnumber libraries and therefore have access to more of current books and other resources. Older titles may not be as readily obtained, but if you’re good you may find something at a collector, antique store, or a neighborhood garage sale. I actually like that I can go to a store and read it and decide whether or not to purchase it. Libraries, if they carry a title may not have it right away or may have a wait list.
    • Technology is Changing Everything: Technology is not only changing how we obtain our information, it’s changing how we live, see and do the things we do. Technology is changing how we think, build, dream, do business, travel and even interact with one another.
    • Ideas are the New Currency: Napoleon Hill was right when he said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” The ideas that we come up with today have the ability to make even the poorest of men, women and children wealthy beyond belief. What once was viewed as something that could only be done by those that already hold the wealth is now being shown to be obtainable by those who can think beyond the methods that presently exist.


You may feel that people have held you back from success. You may feel that an injury has kept you from doing what you’ve dreamed of all your life. You may feel that you’ve had nothing but bad luck, bad credit or no opportunity at all. You may feel that circumstances have always been at odds with you. I don’t know what the excuses have been for you up until now, I only know that I am no longer limiting myself to methods that are no longer relevant, no longer working or anything else that I previously allowed to be my excuse for why I couldn’t be, have, or enjoy any longer. Join me into the year that is before us by saying, “The excuses are all out the window.”

QUESTION: What have been some of the things that have been your excuse for not being what you’ve wanted to be?

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