Who’s Going With You?

As this year is now underway, my mind thinks about the excitement that is built up from the promise of beginning with a fresh start. For me, it’s much like a new adventure. Where will the year take you next in this life journey we’re in?


For me, I suppose the adventure and journey into a new year is much like the next issue of a superhero comic book. You know it’s going to be big; and all the while, you know there is going to be adventure, suspense, action, drama, thrills and chills all along the way. From my perspective, the most human of superheroes realizes that he cannot go at it alone. This begs the question in this year and season in which we find ourselves, “Who’s going with you?”


Everyone needs friends and a cohort of sort. Whether your adventure is planning a business, a wedding, a family, a career change, a move, a retirement or even a vacation, you need someone to go with you. Here are some reasons why:


  • Iron Sharpens Iron: My wife is a perfect example of this. She and one of her friends in the fashion industry get together on occasion and talk. What begins often as a general conversation quite often transforms into a synergistic moment where business ideas begin to fly and one or both of them begin to scurry around to capitalize on the ideas that started to flow from the two of them speaking. They feed off of each others passions and gain strength and momentum to accomplish much.
  • Shared Experiences = Shared Reward:
    • Company keeps it interesting: Misery isn’t the only one that loves company. Everyone enjoys company; especially when it’s an adventure that you are on. Sharing the moment with someone is often more enjoyable because you have someone along who will appreciate it as much if not more than you. Having someone along for the journey gives you instant feedback into the journey.
    • Company keeps it light: There is nothing like having someone along for the ride who can keep those high pressure moments light for you and keep you grounded when things get out of control. It also helps to have help in those moments when you don’t have all you need to get things done. No person is an island unto themselves. The Three Musketeers had each other. And where would Batman have been if not for the levity of Robin or even Alfred?
  • Cheer Leader/Mile Marker: It’s often a good thing to have someone who is in your corner who is cheering you on. When you’re out there slaying the proverbial dragon or simply taking on that Iron Man challenge after losing those unwanted pounds, you need someone who will mark those miles and keep you on point to the next stage in your adventure.


Whatever the adventure you set out for in this new year, be sure that you have someone you can count on to go with you and make it the best year of your life. With the right person or people around, you can be sure that your year will never be dull.



QUESTION: Who is that special someone whom you count on to be there for you through your adventure?



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