One More Day

Many People are getting focused on many things, from their New Year’s resolutions to the upcoming presidential election, or may be spring break or summer vacation. With so many things in the economy still looming and hanging over peoples head (including tax season,) few have even given thought to the fact that this is a leap year.


I’m not going to sit here and give you a history lesson on the origin and reasons for why it exists. I won’t bore you with a breakdown of how many additional minutes or seconds that equates to. So many people before me have done that already in previous years in which there has been a leap day has appeared on the calendar. What I find interesting are the people who I often hear saying, “If I just had one more day…. I would…” Since this extra day does come around once every four years, my question now is this: “What will you do with one more day?”

  • You Can Work: Many people find catching up on work that has either gotten away from them an option. Especially if there is money riding on it.
  • You Could Play: Some people feel that there is seldom an opportunity to get out and just have a good time.
  • You Could Rest: Who could argue with taking time to just relax? Goodness knows you’ve been scrambling around for the last few weeks with all that holiday cheer and shopping.
  • You Could Get Informed: Catching up on information that you haven’t been able to absorb is a thought that many have.


There are countless possible options of which I could list here, but you get my drift. The real thing to consider is this:

  • Time:  Time is a commodity that once spent can never be regained.
  • Value: Whatever you place the most value on will pay the greatest dividends, but it also comes with the price or at the expense of everything else.
  • Priorities: While this may seem a repetition of values, it is important to note that what you make a priority helps you to maintain order. My wife often tells me that people put their money and time on whatever it is that they value. Priority is about keeping order; first things first. Scripturally, the bible tells us that out of the abundance of our hearts, we speak. People live and prioritize out of what is in their hearts.


Keeping all of this in mind, it is important to note that whatever you choose to do with this “one more day,” is that you have previously given thought to what it is that you would do. Now, knowing that you have the opportunity to have that “one more day,” rethink what you would do and the do something. One way or another, that day is coming and you will be doing something. The question remains: “What will you do with one more day?”


QUESTION: Do you find significance in having one more day? If so, then what?


One comment

  1. Do you find significance in having one more day? If so, then what? Simple answer would be no but that’s not what people want. Would I, could I, spark an interest in some one like you did with me. Make them use a minute or two they swore they didn’t have to see the vision I wanted them to see. Maybe they would listen to me when I tell them all the secrets to life are hidden in books and stories waiting to be read. If I told you I knew the answer would you believe the words I said or just nod to humor me and laugh at me instead. Well I don’t have all the answers but this much I do know use that day to share a fact with someone you do or do not know. Life is special, one of God’s greatest gifts but enjoying life is useless without some to share it with. Reach one teach one, let’s reinvent Communication on that extra day.

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