Training For Reigning

This year has been viewed by many as a year for kings and queens. Because this is the year 2012, and the number 12 represents government and order, many are seeing the possibilities of getting their affairs in order and have visions of ruling their domain. That is a noble task. We’ve all been created to have dominion and to rule and reign. The difficulty for many is in their execution.

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My wife and I both love books and movies about royalty. One of the things that you will note about kings and queens is that they are a class all by themselves. Because they are in a class by themselves, they tend to have knowledge and raise their children quite differently from how everyone else does. Why are children of kings and queens raised differently?

  • The Children Are an Extension of Them: A prince and princess are expected to represent the king and queen as they become of age. They must have the necessary education and training so that when they face challenges, they will handle things in the same manner that the king and queen would handle them.
  • The Children Are Expected to Go Further: The children, at an appointed time will be expected to enlarge and improve the reach of the king because they are strong and gain increased knowledge.

We who have the understanding that we are children of The King of Kings, must have this understanding that we too are in a class by ourselves, and as such must take advantage of the fact that we are in training for reigning. I don’t mean simply in the here after, but more precisely, the here and now.

God wants us to rule and reign in every arena of life.  As such, we must see ourselves as constantly in training so that we will know how to rule like He does. We’ve seen everyday examples of this through people like Will Smith, Donald Trump, Master P and others. They are champions and considered Kings of their domain. Their children are quickly learning what they know and are on tract to go above and beyond, earlier and faster than they did.

Our children watch us like hawks and already want to imitate us. We must be willing to let them see that we have trained well and rule well so that they will follow us and go beyond us in ruling and reigning in the arena in which they will view as their established domain.



QUESTION: What area is yours to train your children for reigning?

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