It’s All In How You Rise

“Early to be, early to rise, makes one happy, wealthy and wise.” We’ve all heard these words from as early as in our youth. As much as you might be put off by the notion of waking up early, there is no mistaking how beneficial having a good start to your day can be for you. I’ve never really been much of a morning person. However, as I get older, there are just certain things that you learn that change how you feel about the whole thing. Even one of my former bosses challenged me and my co-workers in this area that I’ve never forgotten.

The Burger King

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As the year 2012 is bringing more and more focus on government and order, I thought it fitting to illustrate a few things that are pertaining to rising early.

  • Kings Rise Early to Order Their Minds: Kings literally have the weight of the world resting on their shoulders. They have a whole kingdom, both in territory and loyal subject at the fore of their concern. So clear thinking is a must.
    • Prayer and Meditation:  Prayer and meditation prepares the mind for the weighty issues that to be faced. Kings will often meet with priests in this regard.
    • Reading: The early bird gets the worm, and so it is in ordering your mind, reading helps you to get information to make decisions and get the jump on your competition. Kings are given intelligence briefings to know what tactics to take for the given day.
    • Kings Rise Early to Order Their Day: There is nothing worse than to think that someone else got the jump on you. Staying ahead of your competition or enemies becomes a must.
      • Diet: Kings seldom do things without food being at the start of the day, for they know that in being well fed, they are well capable to address any battle that might be presented.
      • Exercise: Kings train their bodies and keep their skills sharp so that they don’t get soft. They know that there are those who might dare challenge them, so staying on top through exercise keeps the blood flowing and bodily energy pumping.
      • Kings Rise Early as an Example: People always watch and desire to be what they see the king does. Kings who desire the best out of their subjects lead by example and will not want the appearance of any sign of weakness. Rising early shows the people that nothing will beat them, not even the clock.

If you choose to live as a king, you have to behave as a king. If you desire the results of a king, you have to have the commitment of a king. If you truly want to be seen as a king, your day must be in the order of a king. There is no such thing as average or normal in the lexicon of a king. Rise up. Even King David said that he sought God early. He left nothing to chance or happenstance. God was at the fore of what he wanted in life. Because of that, God recognized him as a man after His heart.

QUESTION: As a king of your domain, does rising early make a difference? How?

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