Up A Little Higher

Ok, so you’re halfway through the first month of this year and you’re wondering to yourself already, “Where has the time gone so quickly?” It’s not uncommon, but you really want things to be different from all the previous years in your life. It’s not too late. While many people have already gone in reverse on what they’ve set out to do as far as their resolutions, you can still make tracks. All it takes is a bit of perspective.

Strawberry Mountain peak.

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I wish I could claim to be one of those people who regularly go to one of our national parks and hike along a mountainous trail, but that has yet to become a part of my life’s experience. However, what I do realize from many hours of watching movies, documentaries and reading numerous adventure books, is that when you get off track or feel that you are off course, a change of perspective can make all the difference. In many cases this means getting to high ground. Here are a few reasons why getting up a little higher will help make the difference:

  • Getting higher moves you above the clutter: There is nothing worse than the feeling of coming into a new year and feeling overwhelmed by the daunting tasks of all the things that seemingly filled your calendar. Getting up higher helps you to rise above the clutter of everything you have to get done and prioritize it.
  • Getting higher helps you see where you missed it: often we jump right into the thick of things with a gung-ho attitude. Getting higher will help you if you have gotten off track by regrouping and correcting your course before you get too far off.
  • Getting higher helps you see farther: Having a higher view of things helps you see what’s off in the distance. You have a whole year ahead of you, so you can check your progress and celebrate what you have accomplished already, as well as plan where you want to be and by what time.
  • Getting higher gets you focused: Being able to pinpoint exactly where you should be and where you’re going is important. Getting higher helps you do just that.

Don’t be discouraged if things haven’t been perfect so far. The things you face this year are on a whole new scale. As you’re reading this, many are celebrating and remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He embodied the attribute that is his name. As we too strive to rule well in this year, remembering that we represent God’s kingdom and order in the earth, remember that kings often need to get higher to survey the land that they rule. Take some time periodically throughout this year to get a little higher.


QUESTION: How has changing your perspective helped you?

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