On Target

No matter where you are or where you go, people have an opinion about weapons; guns especially. I think that from my early childhood I’ve had a profound respect for them and those that are skilled in their use. I’ve never actually owned, possessed or used a weapon of any kind, with the exception of a bow and arrow at camp one year. With that being said, the main goal of any good marksman is to make sure that every shot is on target.

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Regardless what you do in your spiritual or natural life, your goal also is to be on target. The issue for most Christians however is how a person stays on target with so many obstacles that seemingly get in the way.

  • Know your Weapon: Whether it’s a bow and arrow or hand gun or rifle, a person who uses a weapon is at their best when they know the weapon they are using. The weapon is viewed as merely being an extension of the person using it.
    • The weapons of our warfare are not carnal: Since we don’t use actual weapons this might seem a bit odd, but it is even more important to know the weapons that have been placed at our disposal.
    • Study to show thyself approved: The bible tells us that one of the greatest weapons we have is God’s word. In order to be able to use the word, we must know the word. Sounds simple enough, but the better you know the word, the better you can handle the word and apply the proper use of it. Without a regimen of reading, meditating and applying the word to your daily life, your skills become weak.
    • Practice: It’s not just how you get to Carnegie Hall. Practice is that key thing you do to hone your technique so that every time you are called on to utilize your weapon, you are able to do so with accuracy.

If you’ve ever seen a movie or read a book about kings from the middle and dark ages, you’ll know that before they became kings or as children of kings, they trained. They were often trained by the best warriors and therefore became the best warriors, because it was expected that they would lead out in the battle.

If you see yourself as such a king, you need to surround yourself by the best at what they do, so that you have the best training in the use of the weapons at your disposal in order to handle what you need to handle. Preparation is always vital. Study and practice often, so that the better you are, the more likely you’ll be on target.

QUESTION: How do you stay on target?

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  1. I try to stay on target by reading and praying in the morning and at night. I notice when I do things it prepares me better for my day. Then my day runs smoother. I’m also able to handle obstacles better. Thank you for this word!

    1. Those are both awesome ways to stay on target. I’m honored that you found this to be beneficial.

  2. […] stinging reminder that there is a payment for deeds done. I’ve spoken before about how to keep on target. But as it pertains to sin, I must illustrate something. When the bible speaks to the issue of sin, […]

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