Temple Cleaning

Every once in a while there comes a time when you must take some measures to keep things clean. You clean your room, your house, your car and even your clothes. All these things however are external forms of cleansing. In other words, they are outward indications that things are in order and together.

The washing of the very dirty human body is no...

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The bible tells us that our bodies are a temple unto the Lord, in which He dwells. Yet, God does not appreciate a filthy temple.  There are many times when we realize this and make efforts to get our bodies in shape so that it looks just so. What we don’t realize however, is that too often, what we do is focus on the external instead of the internal. Jesus chastised the Pharisee for this practice. He said that the focus should be on the internal, since that is truly what defiles a person. How can you go about having a clean temple?

  • Purify the Mind: The mind is a powerful tool. We use it every day without fail. Consciously and unconsciously, information is going into our minds. Messages are being transmitted at an astounding rate. It is being bombarded with negative messages that create blockages into our ability to perform at our peak and maximum efficiency, and to think at a level that we become all that we were created to be. Every once in a while, it becomes necessary to clear our minds by unplug from those sources. Meditation and prayer are but two ways to clear your mind of those negative thoughts. Sometimes it’s necessary to shut down electronic media. Whatever you do, there has to come a time when you get alone and away from distractions that will cloud your mind.
  • Purify the Heart: King David prayed that God would create in him a clean heart and renew a right spirit within him. He realized that his heart was not always pure towards the things of God, even though God called him a man after His own heart. Yet that purification came through the process of lining up his will with that of God’s. When we choose to go after God’s will and ways of doing things, our will becomes His and it becomes righteous or in right relationship with God. Too often we can get caught up in what we want or desire in life and forget that God has a higher purpose and desire for us. But is we delight in what the Lord wants, what we want begin to line up with what He wants and He brings it to pass.
  • Purify the Body: Since the body is the temple in which the spirit dwells, it’s only fitting that through fasting and proper health maintenance we do our part to keep it clean. If we are to be able to function at our best, just like our cars, we need to be periodically flushed and repaired. We work best when we are running on all cylinders. If we are weighed down with excess and unnecessary junk that clogs our bodies, than we are not giving God a vessel that will last as long as He needs it.

This is a time of year in which many people choose to get things in order. If you haven’t already made the decision to order yourself and cleanse your temple, don’t fret. Too often we feel that things like fasting and prayer, whether we are Christian or not, is just too much. What we don’t think or consider is who else is impacted by the decision to do it or not do it. The inconvenience of it is but for a moment, and the reward and benefits are far reaching and longer lasting. Consider it now. God wants the best out of you and the best in you. Give Him your best. Choose to keep the temple clean.

QUESTION: Why is there resistence to temple cleaning?

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