Me First vs. Me Only

Every now and then, you may have heard someone say to you that you are a selfishperson. What you may not have heard however, is that from time to time, you need to be selfish. This comes as a shocker to most people because we are taught early in life that to be selfish is not to be desired; that it is I fact the worst of the worst traits you could possibly possess. So why then would someone like me go against the popular opinion and say that it’s okay to be selfish sometimes?

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I suppose I should clarify what I mean by being selfish. What I mean by selfish is that from time to time you must put yourself before others. There is a staunched difference between considering yourself first versus considering only yourself. To say “me first” indicates that you value yourself and that you know you have as much worth as those that are around you. To say “me only” however, says that I am all that matters; no one else.

Too often I run into people who are run down, beat up and worn out because they are so SELF-less. They so De-value themselves that they become worthless to themselves and those whom they put before them. They make themselves dead last in every area of life, so they end up unhappy, unhealthy, unfulfilled, and just completely undone.

I cannot take full credit for this realization. I have to admit that I began to see the reality of this a number of years ago as I read a book by Dr. Phil McGraw called Self Matters. If people truly knew their worth, they would find the value in putting themselves first.

I’ve mentioned before how on an airplane during the preflight announcements, the flight attendant goes over the instructions for what to do in the event of a loss of cabin pressure. They always state that you should “place the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then assist others on your row.” You cannot be of help to anyone if you yourself are incapacitated.

How much of a help am I to my family if I am sick? If I desire to be a charitable person, can I give support or assistance if I am in lack of any kind? How can I show love if I do not first love me? The bible says that a husband must love his wife even as he loves his own body. There has to come a time in which you say to yourself, “I have to make me a priority so that I can better serve others.” Even Christ had to get away from the crowd to pray so that he might be equipped to minister to them.

Love yourself enough to make YOU and priority. If you don’t value YOU, no one else will. Choose to be selfish sometimes. Say every once in a while, “Me First!” Kids do it all the time when they play. They get great joy and excitement out of it. And be honest with yourself; you know you do too.

QUESTION: How much more could you do for others if you were in a better position and place and able to do what you desire and long to do?

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