A Prepared Place

It is an amazing thing to think that from before God dispatched us into time, placing us in our mother’s womb; God prepared a place for us. If you look all the way back to the creation of the first man Adam, God prepared the place that would be his to have dominion over. God had prepared the entire earth with all that he would need to fulfill the call that God had put in him from even before he had been fashioned.

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What is so amazing is that God has done this same thing, not just for Adam, but for us all. He prepared a distinct place whereby we all can have dominion. That is such an amazing thing; when you think how Adam was just one man back then, and now there are somewhere between 6-7 billion people living today.

For us today, God prepares our mother’s womb to be able to carry us until the day we are to be born. But even more significantly, God prepares the very time that we are to be dispatched into. It is no coincidence that we live during the time that we live in. We are here with a specific God given purpose. God knew just when we’d be needed and what our specific and unique gifts and talents would mean for the time that we would be needed.

There is a multitude of things yet available for us. Even with all of the billions of people that do walk the face of the earth, God arranged it so that we could all have something to have dominion over. What has God prepared for you to have dominion over now that you are here? What is it that God has distinctly put in you to give you a place for you to rule, subdue, and replenish?

  • Fish of the Sea: There are such amazing discoveries made every day simply because there are those who choose to seek out ways in which to rule and subdue all that is in the sea. From Marine Biologists to fishermen, to surfers and sailors on every coast, there is yet something that remains to be done. Are your gifts and talents suited for conquering this area?
  • Birds of the Air:  Careful observations of the birds of the air made it possible for man to come up with many ways in which to rule the air. But don’t think for a minute that everything that can be done has been done.
  • Animals: From shepherding to zoology, animals give us much to learn. We see many of our character traits through careful observation. Are you game for cattle rustling? Would you make a good veterinarian? Do you find fascination in wildlife preservation?
  • The Land: One of the most prevailing things God gave us was the land. So many countless things have yet to be discovered, conquered and obtained. It is through exploration of the land that we trace our history, discover new cures for disease, and even find means to improve living situations. Have you been placed here to discover how to turn desolate places to plush gardens? Imagine the person who could turn a desert or wasteland into a vibrant and livable place for people to inhabit.
  • Crawling Creatures:  While there are those who would never think to have anything to do with the creepy, creeping, crawling things of the earth, there are those who find great discoveries and enjoyment through dealing with these often neglected creatures.

Out of all the things that God said we are to have dominion over, the one thing that was not a part of that list was each other. Isn’t that amazing? God prepared all things for us to have dominion over, except one another. What is your prepared place? What has God established from before he dispatched you into this time and season? Find your prepared place. Make your mark. Leave your own special legacy.


QUESTION: Have you found your uniquely prepared place? What is it?

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