Check Your Flow

 Check Your Flow


It’s an amazing thing to think of certain things are designed.  Water, blood, money, electricity and air are all things that are uniquely designed with the intent to flow. If they aren’t flowing properly you have a major problem on your hands. As believers in Christ, we too are designed to flow. By flow, I am specifically speaking to our charge to build or advance the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Christ is the Chief cornerstone of the Church that He himself said, “the gates of hell would not prevail” over. The Church is always to be moving in a direction that upsets every kingdom that is Anti- CHRIST. If we as Christians aren’t upsetting those kingdoms, we need to check our flow.

Like many of these earlier mentioned items, if we are not flowing as we should, then a problem is present. Water is meant to flow in a given direction. If water is not permitted to flow, it becomes stagnant, stale, polluted, filthy and diseased. If water does not flow, it becomes a breeding ground for death and even attracts pestilence.

The bible says that we are to resist the devil so that he will flee. That word resist doesn’t mean to turn in the other direction and run away when the enemy is right there in front of you. It means to put up an opposing force like an offensive lineman that is there to drive back the team against them. You gain yardage or ground when you put up a resistance to the opposing force.

Blood that doesn’t flow will harden. Blood that doesn’t flow begins to block, clot and clog in the veins and arteries. Blood that doesn’t flow is a cause for heart attacks and strokes. Blood that doesn’t flow increases pressure in the area where it should be flowing and will either cause swelling and inflammation, or it will cause other body parts to have to work and perform significantly harder just in order to do the same amount of work.

Blood is meant to flow so that oxygen and nutrients get carried throughout the body. If you aren’t flowing, who in the body have you cut off the necessary supply from? Blood is a source of life in the body. If you aren’t flowing, you are impeding the flow of life in the body. If you aren’t flowing, you are forcing others in the body to work harder than is necessary.

There used to be a saying, that 20% of the people do about 80% of the work. If you are among the 80% of the people, then you are draining the life out of the 20% that is working. If you aren’t flowing, you are creating pressure, swelling and inflammation within the body. Does it seem that there are those in the body that seem to be more stressed, more on edge, and get more heated, faster than you’ve ever known? Only the diseased gets satisfaction when blood does not flow as it should. Disease is strengthened and given license to infest, infect and infiltrate when blood does not flow as it should.

Money is meant to flow. That is why it is called currency. It should flow in and out fluidly. When money does not flow, the economy becomes stagnant, creating inflation, which results in stagflation, recession, depression, poverty and famine. Recession is an opposite flow from the way it should be moving. In sailing, it is often viewed that if you are not moving in a forward direction, then you aren’t simply standing still in the water; you are in fact moving in reverse, thus moving in a direction away from your intended destination. Are you the cause of a recession within the body? Are you the source of depression within the body? Is the body exhibiting signs of famine by your lack of flow?

Electricity is a powerful source of energy. Properly channeled and flowing in the right direction, electricity can power everything it is connected to. But when electricity is not permitted to have a proper flow it prevents the proper operation of everything and can even have explosive implications. Are you becoming the source of explosive and destructive things occurring within the body by not flowing as you should? Are you cutting others ability to function by not flowing and connecting where you are supposed to?

  • Foreign Objects: The junk and dirt that clogs or blocks the natural flow. The air in an air conditioner such as in your home or car works at its peak efficiency when it has a clean filter. A clogged and congested filter, just like the lungs in your body will prevent air from flowing as it should.
  • Clamps: These are especially designed to cut off flow, often as a temporary need, such as in the event of a doctor that performs a surgery. They use a clamp to prevent a loss of blood while working in a specific area. But if clamped too long, death can inevitably occur.

Do you have too many foreign objects that you have allowed to flow toward you, and now it is keeping you from flowing and being effective for the Kingdom? Has there been someone who has stopped your flow, and at one time it was beneficial to you, but now it’s killing you?

Check your flow! Find where the blockages are and remove them. Only then will you get back into your flow. Some suggestions for getting your flow back:

  • Begin Your Day With God: Everyday it is a good idea to start out in communion with God. However you do it, either through prayer, meditation or reading scripture, get alone with God so that you can have clarity. Whatever troubles are before your or behind you, God will help you to see them as they truly are. Nothing is bigger than God.
  • Order Your Day: Having order is critical to keeping a level head about you and enables you to structure yourself in such a way that things become manageable. There is nothing worse than losing yourself to the task that need to be accomplished and not knowing how to get it all done.
  • Power of Positive Thinking: A simple change in perspective and thinking positively about them is half the battle in tackling your tasks.
  • Power of Positive Actions: Small steps and small accomplishments are great set ups for doing bigger and better things. Start where you are and work up and things become more doable.
  • Remove Distractions: It’s always a good idea to get away from the noises that make things hard. The noises of negative people, bad news, and things that unnecessarily monopolize your day must be put aside if you are to achieve anything.


QUESTION: When your flow is hindered, how do you get it back?


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