An Invested Interest

So much is being paid attention to at this present time. Some are keeping their eyes on what the president is doing or not doing. Some people are keeping their eyes on what the economy is doing or not doing. Some people are even keeping an eye on what their neighbors are doing or not doing. What should be important at this time however, is what you yourself are doing or not doing.

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In the interest of living a life of legacy, it is always imperative that we keep our attention on the things that truly matter. Things like family, friends, and community are but a few of those things. We all have an invested interest in the continuation and in how well they flourish.  Every day is an opportunity to put forth the effort in securing and strengthening them. We have an invested interest. What we do in our day to day activities goes to how well we do this.

  • Community: I have an invested interest in how well my community is. For in my community is where I live, raise my family, and share in the culture that is built. I cannot complain about what happens in the community, if I myself am disconnected from it. If I do not associate with the people within the community, I cannot voice my concerns with the issues that face it. If I desire to see a change in it. I must be willing to plug in.
  • Friends: I have an invested interest in my friends. Seeing them faring well brings me as much pleasure as my own family. It is my desire that their lives are better for having known me. When they are down, I want to lift them up. I desire that no harm comes to them. When they struggle, there is a ripple effect and it rests upon me to ensure that I do what I can to stabilize them and reduce the impact of the imbalance.
  • Family: My greatest interest is invested in my own family. For in my family is my ability to live beyond my own years. If I do not impart the values and morals that would make them strong, safe, vibrant and upright, it impacts every other investment I have. Through my family, my legacy is established.

If we forget those things that we truly have an invested interest in, we then face a legacy that is essentially empty and bankrupt.  Focus your time on the thing that truly matter in your life.  The one thing that you consistently hear from people who were on their deathbed is that they didn’t spend their time in ways that truly mattered most to them; time with family and loved ones and doing things that were truly life affirming.

If we just consider the things we truly value in life, we’ll find that investing time and energies to these things far and above anything are more rewarding to us than the other things that consume us.


QUESTION: How do you ensure that you are focused on your invested interests?

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