Vision Needs Details

I was sitting in a Sunday worship service recently where the minister preached a thought provoking message that echoed what our pastor has been preaching for a number of weeks. At the height of this sermon, he began to share very briefly, a story about a conversation he had with someone he always saw a church. He shared how there was a gentleman who always came to church with his camera, and he would take countless pictures. He said that one day he decided to approach and ask this person why he was always doing this. Without missing a beat, this man’s response was, “Vision needs details.”


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It’s an amazing thing to think about. God gives us vision. Yet in most cases, he does not give us the details of or for the vision. This part he left in our hands.

If we were to simply go back to the genesis of God’s creation, we find where God’s vision for His creation was that we would, “be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue, and have dominion.” God didn’t give us the details on how to go about accomplishing this. This He left in our capable hands. We’re more than able to accomplish this because He created us in His image and likeness. We are all unique representations of God in the earth. He uniquely imprints His vision for us in us. He leaves it to us through the gifts, talents and anointing to take that vision and manifest it as only we can, in our own way.

We’ve all heard it said that without a vision the people perish or go unrestrained. Yet, without the details a vision does not manifest. Finding the details for your vision does not come without effort. Here are some means by which you can find the details to your vision:

  • Observation: There are so many places in nature for you to draw details from for your vision. It is often that through the careful observation of what is around you, that you find the missing pieces for what it is that you are supposed to be the answer for. If it is true that we are created as the solution to a problem, then the details we find through careful observation will bring about fulfilling the vision God placed in us. Have you ever noticed architects, designers, artists, and foreign tourists all take pictures. They see things or want to capture things that will help in the development of what it is they hope create.
  • Conversation: I find a lot of times that through great conversation with the right people, many details can be found for the vision that is in you. It is true what they say, iron sharpens iron, so seek the right people to connect to who will help to put details to your vision. I hear people all the time say that, “I just needed to talk it out.” Often it is just a matter of hearing it and getting the vision out into the atmosphere.
  • Meditation: Careful reflection after conversation brings clarity to the revelation. If you take time to dwell in thought about what it is that the vision means to you and those whom God has designed you to be a solution for, you begin to develop the details.

Seek first God’s Kingdom and His ways of doing things. When you do this, you no doubt will find that the details. When you order your life according to how God wills, He shows you how He does what He does. As He reveals those things to you, you find the You that He purposed you to be. You see how His thoughts are higher than your own, and you begin to line up your life accordingly and grasp the details to put to the vision He put in you for your life.


QUESTION: How do you find details for your vision?

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