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How to Find God’s Love

Every day is a good day to find God’s love. It’s also an amazing thing to say that you’ve found God’s love. What is an even more amazing thing, is to be able to help someone else find God’s love. Author Don Nori, Sr. has in a small book so poignantly title, How to Find […]

How Deep Is Your Passion?

It’s an amazing thing. When it comes to the topic or idea of passion, many people speak about it from the perspective of it being a deep emotional expression of love. They speak of it in the context of fervor and zeal, and the enthusiasm that drives and motivates and yields to yearnings of fulfillments. […]

Love Doesn’t Behave Unseemly

In the midst of frustration and anger over the Trayvon Martin situation, many people have demonstrated behavior that is contrary to both the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as Jesus Christ. The bible instructs us to be angry, but not to allow our anger to take us to the verge of […]

Dancing With Jesus

It is an amazing thing to be taken on a journey through the pages of a story that is so intricately intertwined in the history and days Jesus was upon the earth through the times of the early church. Dancing with Jesus, by Linda Fitzpatrick is just such a story. She paints upon the tapestry […]

Senseless Acts

 Only days ago, a brilliant young life was egregiously snuffed out by a manwho claims it was self-defense while on a normal neighborhood watch patrol. Since that day, people all across the nation have been sounding out and voicing their opinions about guilt and innocence of both the young man, as well as that of […]

Signs of the Times

This week marks the official end of winter. The crazy thing about it is that things are going haywire all across America. NBC Nightly News reported on March 19th of this year that on the last day of winter, Chicagoexperienced very mild temperatures; while in Arizona, which happens to be where both Chicago baseball teams […]

Guaranteed Success

I am fascinated by many things. People who make great success of their life in the midst of great odds happen to be one such thing. That’s why I found myself drawn to the book Guaranteed Success: When You Never Give Up, by the Wealthy Son Percy Miller. Most know him by his stage name […]

A Clean Slate

I just finished another term in school, and I’m so proud of the work that I was able to complete. I know I’m going to sound a bit corny here when I say what I am about to say, but here goes. Upon leaving my last class, I took a brief moment to look back […]

Coming to the End of a Thing

 There is nothing greater than the feeling you get when you’ve completed something. I recently concluded my first term in a new school. Working towards my goals of higher learning is of great significance to me. Since I have some big dreams, each step toward that end is a major milestone. I have no doubt […]

Studying Never Ends

It’s amazing that people have the mindset that says, “I got it!” As for me, I’m always in the never ending pursuit to know more than I knew the day before. Even when I wasn’t in school, I was constantly with my head in a book studyingsomething. My life is constantly in transition and transformation. […]

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