Blood Covered Glasses

It’s funny how people can have an issue with people who are cheery all the time. They say that these people are walking around wearing rose colored glasses, because everything is so bright and nice that they don’t apparently see the harsh realities of life.

I actually like when I come across a cheery person, because they liven up a room with their wide eyed personality. A cheery person has a way of changing the atmosphere. That comes in handy when things get tough.

What I love more than a cheery person, is a person who really knows what it means to show the love of God. These people are the kind of people that I’ve affectionately classified as those that wear Blood Covered glasses.

God called all of us to walk, wearing blood covered glasses. His son Christ Jesus paid a great price so that through his sacrifice, we could become what we were meant to be from the day Adam and Eve first inhabited the Garden. And because we are created in his image, we are to always be mindful if, because of the blood of Jesus, He sees us in our perfection, we too must wear those same blood covered glasses if we are to be effective in reaching others.

Imagine what the world might be like, if we all wore blood covered glasses. People could not oppress or suppress one another. Wearing blood covered glasses would cause us all to see the best in others instead of assuming the worst in them. Paul shared with the people of Corinth the perfection of wearing blood covered glasses.

  • What Blood Covered Glasses Do For Us:
    • They give us God’s perspective on what unconditional truly means.
    • They compel us to look deeper than the surface of the temporal to the eternal.
    • They keep our flesh in check when responding to a situation.
    • They help us to remember how God was toward us.
    • They help us become more forgiving of others.
    • What Blood Covered Glasses Do For Others:
      • It lets others see what real love looks like.
      • It lets others experience that love.
      • It causes others to desire that kind of love.
      • It convinces others they are worth more.

When we as believers begin to view the world through blood covered glasses, and the world begins to experience a people who see them through those same blood covered glasses, there will no doubt be a shift in the way people view the world in which we live.


QUESTION: Can you remember a time when someone other than God saw you through blood covered glasses? How did it make you feel?

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