Wages of Sin


It’s an amazing thing to consider. Wages are what people so desperately spend the bulk of their time in pursuit of. Everyone wants what they have worked hard for and what they have earned. What many people don’t consider though is that from birth, we are working at something. What amazes me however, even more than the idea that we are always working and earning wages, is the thought of how everyone, including people in the church fear and loathe the thought of that three letter word known as sin. It’s almost as though to even utter the word sin is a sin in itself.


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Perhaps the problem arises out of the fact that scripture tells us that “the wages of sin is death.” No one likes the thought of death, even though everyone at one time or another shall face it. No one wants to think that the responsibility for how they end up once this life is over is really in our hands and not God’s. They attempt to draw comfort by saying that a loving God would not condemn them to death, but come to the realization that if heaven and hell are real, and it’s true that God is not the one who is responsible for people going to hell, then the responsibility becomes ours. It feels better to say, “I have a ‘situation’,” or “problem.” Saying this would remove in our minds the stinging reminder that there is a payment for deeds done. I’ve spoken before about how to keep on target. But as it pertains to sin, I must illustrate something. When the bible speaks to the issue of sin, it is translated to mean missing the mark.

As a general though, we all have a desire to fulfill our dreams and our destiny. We all hope that we can somehow arrive at the given destination that God intended for us. However, as in sailing or any means of travelling somewhere, you set a course. You say, I want to go from point “A” to point “B.” Sailors and pilots use a compass to help guide them where they want to go. If while plotting their course they somehow were off by even a miniscule of a degree, it has to potential to take the completely off target. Just as in a recent incident by a cruise liner, it resulted in much casualty.

It’s typical that when a person is looking for work, they look for a place with the best benefits package available to them. Most, if they have to choose between one job and another might say, “Hey, there’s not much difference in the job description, so let me check to see who offers the best benefits between them.” I think a great tragedy is that every Christian is essentially a recruiter for the Kingdom, and there seems to be struggle in the area of conveying the message that the benefits package offered by God’s Kingdom is unparalleled to any other.

If we as believers, followers, and ambassadors for Christ could only adjust our presentation in such a way that non-Christians would not be afraid to admit that there is such a thing as sin, as well as convey the obvious difference in the pay scale and benefits, maybe more might choose to change who they work for.

QUESTION: Do you find it difficult to call sin what it is or convey that sin doesn’t pay?

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