Signs of the Times

This week marks the official end of winter. The crazy thing about it is that things are going haywire all across America. NBC Nightly News reported on March 19th of this year that on the last day of winter, Chicagoexperienced very mild temperatures; while in Arizona, which happens to be where both Chicago baseball teams go for spring training, they were experiencing a snow storm. Some will say it’s global warming, while others aren’t so sure it has anything to do with it. Yet all across the globe, everyone will admit that over the last decade or so, there have been some dramatically erratic climate scenarios being displayed.

Repent! Jesus is coming soon

Repent! Jesus is coming soon (Photo credit: Ben Sutherland)


Whether you’re into all of the hype that has been made in recent years by many of Hollywood’s elite in the genre of apocalyptic catastrophe films or not, there is no denying that something big is brewing, and people need to take notice of it and make the appropriate adjustments.


People will argue that the worst of it is directly connected to the sins of others in the world. Others will argue that it’s because of big business not doing enough to be environmentally responsible. The reality of the matter is that God created this world in which you and I live. When He created this world, He designed it. With the capacity to heal itself. While it’s true that because of the original sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden the earth was cursed, God made the earth to nevertheless capable of handling all that man can do to it. That doesn’t however mean that we should be irresponsible as it pertains to protecting it. Whatever your personal thoughts are as to the wild weather conditions, it’s a sure bet that if you know your bible you know that what you are witnessing is just a sign of the times.


The people of Jesus’s day inquired about how they could know the signs of his returning or the end of the age. One of the signs Jesus spoke of was found in how the earth itself displayed its own fury. If we as the body of Christ are ignorant of these signs, what hope does the rest of humanity have? These signs serve a purpose.


  • Expectation: For the body of Christ, we are always to be in a mode of expectation of Christ’s return. We were instructed to occupy until he returned, but we are always to be expecting that He will return following the signs that he gave us to know it.
  • Preparation: The signs are to keep us always in a state of readiness. Preparation means that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, so that as the time appropriate time we aren’t missing out like the five foolish virgins that Jesus mentioned.
  • Determination: It is because of our expectation and our preparation that we are to also display determination. We are to have a determination that we will do everything in our power to see that those that don’t know the signs become aware of the signs, and thereby giving them an opportunity to them to likewise become expectant and make preparations.


Do you see the signs? Are you in a state of expectation? How are you preparing yourself? Are you determined to see others become aware of the signs and get ready for the Christ’s return? When I moved to Atlanta, I had never heard of pollen counts in the thousands. Where I was from, a pollen count above a hundred was considered high. Turns out that these ridiculously high counts being seen in Atlanta are likewise highly unusual, even for this area.


Isn’t it amazing that with all of the advanced technology at our fingertips, we are still unable to predict what the weather will be like? We know what the end of the age will be like because it has been foretold and written within the bible. We don’t have to guess and we don’t need fancy equipment to do it. We only need to see the signs of the times.


QUESTION: Are you seeing the signs of the times? 


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