Love Doesn’t Behave Unseemly

In the midst of frustration and anger over the Trayvon Martin situation, many people have demonstrated behavior that is contrary to both the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as Jesus Christ. The bible instructs us to be angry, but not to allow our anger to take us to the verge of sin. The only way for this to happen is that we keep in mind that we are always to walk in love.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X meet bef...

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X meet before a press conference. Both men had come to hear the Senate debate on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This was the only time the two men ever met; their meeting lasted only one minute. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In as much as we can be angry over what has happened to this seventeen year old young man, we have to be mindful that in our exuberance, we do not show the seemingly same hate-filled attitude that robbed this young man of his very life. Love is always greater than hate. Love says that even though this man in apparent racial prejudice took the life of this young man without cause, we must yet show mercy, even in the midst of demanding justice.

It’s easy to cry foul for the atrocities that have been done. But in the context of the legacy of the man who was is yet still is the embodiment of peaceful demonstration during the Civil Rights Movement; we cannot abase ourselves to behavior that is as cowardly as George Zimmerman, nor the ones who have unjustly chosen to do nothing to resolve this issue.

The reality of the matter is this: Justice isn’t always blind, but true love is.

  • Christ Demanded Love for All: Regardless of whatever the state of Mr. Zimmerman’s heart, he is none the less one of God’s creation, which means we still must love him enough to say we will not crucify him in the court of public opinion. We must pray even for him. It’s no easy thing to pray for someone who has wronged you, but Christ said loving and praying for those whom you care for is easy. The real test of your heart is to pray and love the one who does not love you back.
  • Love is Restraint: God’s love is always more perfect than ours, which is why we need Him, in order to truly love our neighbors as we would want to be loved. The bible says that we are to leave justice to Him, for he will repay. If we restrain ourselves from unleashing the venomous and vile things that come to us out of our anger, we might just find that through a true sense of love, a great glory will manifest.

There have always been arguments that Dr. King missed it, by not doing things as Malcolm X thought, but even Malcolm X had a turn of heart when he had a faith encounter at Mecca. Let us even now elevate ourselves to display a love that can be angry about injustice, without behaving badly. Let us Rise above the fray and show how love can truly conquer all.

QUESTION: Have you ever found it difficult to show love in the midst of an injustice? How did you resolve it?



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