How Deep Is Your Passion?

It’s an amazing thing. When it comes to the topic or idea of passion, many people speak about it from the perspective of it being a deep emotional expression of love. They speak of it in the context of fervor and zeal, and the enthusiasm that drives and motivates and yields to yearnings of fulfillments.

You almost never hear anyone mention passion in the context of pain or suffering. And yet, that’s exactly what passion is. Passion is suffering. What do I mean by this? In the context of biblical teaching, it was the passion of Christ that led Jesus to step out of eternity as the second person of the Godhead, enter into time as the Last Adam, and live among a people who mocked him. It was passion that led him to raise up twelve men to carry on the message of God’s everlasting and unconditional love for His creation; even at the expense of betrayal by one of them. It was because of his passion for all of His creation, that he would endure all that he went through leading up to the cross so that he could take the entire penalty for sin which we deserved, so that we could obtain the righteousness that he laid down.

Passion says, I will endure whatever is necessary to achieve what is desired, even at the expense of life itself. Passion is what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fed from and sustained him when he endured imprisonment, death threats to him and his family, just so that we might enjoy even what we do enjoy today.

  • Passion Fuels Prayers: The passion that Christ possessed caused him to cry out often. There was a burden in the ministry he was undertaking. He prayed constantly for his disciples and the world he came to save. His passion was so great that he even sweat blood.
  • Passion Digs Deep: Passion compels you to not just talk, but act. To be idle is the great sin. Every great movement, every great revolution, every great innovation was born of a passion that said I’m digging my heels in and getting it done.
  • Passion Burns Bright: Every innovation was born of a dream, an idea, and often necessity. Many inventors, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientist and children do what they do because passion burned brightly within them.
  • Passion Risks All: Love is a gift. Passion is a risk. You will sacrifice all to bring about change.

Does your passion run that deep? How deep is your passion? Does your passion keep you up at night, even when you are far spent of physical, emotional and mental energies? Does your passion cause you to wake up early with anticipation that today will be the day that change comes? Does your passion leave you agonizing over things that don’t bother most others? What is your passion? What can you do with your passion? What will you do with your passion?


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