How to Find God’s Love

Every day is a good day to find God’s love. It’s also an amazing thing to say that you’ve found God’s love. What is an even more amazing thing, is to be able to help someone else find God’s love. Author Don Nori, Sr. has in a small book so poignantly title, How to Find God’s Love, given a way to do just that.

I couldn't see my shadow until I found the lig...

I couldn't see my shadow until I found the light of God's love. (Photo credit: SewcialButterfly)

I’ve had a wonderful time recently, as I picked up and read this love filled book. What I love about this book is that Mr. Nori has taken the ministry of witnessing the Good News, and placed it within the pages of a book that not only shares the message of God’s love of us, but the message that you can receive His love and live.

This book is for:

  • Anyone In Search of His Love: If you have been seeking truth and the understanding of the heart of God, you need look no further. This book will give you such an amazingly brief, yet in depth walk through who God is and who you are in relationship to Him. It will reveal just how easy it is to find God’s love. This book will usher you right to His throne so that you can quickly begin a real, heart filled relationship with Him.
  • Anyone With a Desire to Minister God’s Love: If you’ve ever felt lost while witnessing to someone on the job, in the streets, in the airport, or wherever God leads you, this book will not only be a good read for you, but it will be a great tool for you in sharing the Good News of God’s Love. This is much more than a simple tract; this is life stories, testimonies, and faith transferred from the heart of those who have personally found God’s love.


No matter how old or how young you are, How to Find God’s Love, is an absolute blessing. There are prayers throughout the book, as well as Old and New Testament readings at the end of the book, for those who find God’s love while reading this book. As I said before, every day is a good day to find God’s love. Make this book a part of your witnessing equipment if you’ve already found His love. And for those who are in search of God’s love, let this be the seed planted, that will birth forth a harvest of a Newfound Love.

QUESTION: What would it look like if everyone you knew found God’s love?


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