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Facing Your Giants

I was reminded this week that there are time in our lives that we will face things that appear insurmountable and impossible to overcome. The giants in our lives have the potential and the ability to distract us from our goals, discourage our hearts, and derail our progress.   In scripture, Moses directed twelve men […]

It’s Not an End Game

So often the dreams and visions we have for ourselves don’t come in the way we first imagine that it would or should happen. This can be quite devastating for us when we begin to see what we feel and believe is our perfect end. We get so close to the realization of it and […]

Keys of The Kingdom

It’s an amazing thing to think how easy things become when you catch onto what God is doing. God is always after us. He’s not after us in the vengeful, tyrannical way that some people have conjured up in their mind regarding Him. He is always after us, to reveal Himself to us. I while […]

Meant to Grow

It’s an amazing thing to realize how God uses things in the natural to reveal to us their resemblance to things in the spirit. As Christians, we know that He has given each of us a measure of faith. People read where it says that if you have, “faith the size of a grain of […]

In Him There Is No Condemnation

I have a fascination with people who work in the area of real estate and construction. From the inspectors and surveyors to the architect; the contractor and foreman to the workers, from the capital investors and bankers to the developers, they all have a place and serve a grand purpose in the process. But when […]

Permenant Decisions

We live in a day of increasing pressures to have, do, and be more than previous generations. Women are constantly under the pressure to have the perfect body, be every woman, and do it all in a perfect way. Men are told they must conquer the world in every respect. I completely understand the pressures […]

The Resurrection in Retrospect

It’s the day after Easter, and many have made an end to their celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ. Many pastors no doubt preached an awesome word surrounding the events that led up to Jesus getting up on that early Sunday morning two thousand plus years ago. The amazing thing to me is […]

A Good Day To Die

In the movie Little Big Man, the great Indian Chief declared that it was, “a good day to die.” Having seen all that humanity had come to, he was ready to go unless, “Death wanted to fight.” Many were in celebration on Good Fridayas they remembered another man who also said in effect, “Today is […]

Getting Plugged In While Remaining Unplugged

In life, there are so many things that are vying for our time and attention. We have families, careers, entertainment, church, and technology by which a host of many forms of socializing takes place. It can become quite easy for our lives to become out of sync. It’s so funny that even as I was […]

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