Getting Plugged In While Remaining Unplugged

In life, there are so many things that are vying for our time and attention. We have families, careers, entertainment, church, and technology by which a host of many forms of socializing takes place. It can become quite easy for our lives to become out of sync. It’s so funny that even as I was preparing to write this blog, I came across an interesting book which I had the privilege to read an excerpt from. It’s called Your Life in Rhythm, by Bruce Miller. In it, he speaks about a profound new paradigm and perspective on life as it pertains to rhythm versus balance. It’s Already caused me to rethink some things that I previously never questioned.

Japanese outlet with ground post, for a washin...

Japanese outlet with ground post, for a washing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We often find ourselves so plugged into things throughout our lives that we lose our rhythm in one area or another. Paul once instructed the Romans to be in the world, yet not of it. In times past, I might have positioned the idea from the perspective of keeping your life in balance. Yet, even now, I’m seeing the difference when considering that there is a rhythm to all aspects of life.  Godtruly wants us to be plugged in to the world, and yet we must be unplugged. What do I mean by this?

Plugged In:

  • Be Not Ignorant: There are countless things that concern us daily. If they are a concern to us, you can best believe that it’s also a concern to our Heavenly Father. He would not want us to be ignorant of the daily concerns of others either. We must be plugged in to these concerns that others have, because we each are here with our own unique destiny to fulfill. We are created with the purpose of being problem solvers for one another. If we are unplugged in this sense, we are of no effect as living epistles.
  • God’s Heart: One of the primary things we are supposed to do continually is to be plugged in to the heart of God through prayer. We can no more be effective apart from God’s love and wisdom than our own heart is if disconnected from our body.



The greatest thing we can do is to get plugged into where God wants us and unplug from those things that hinder us from being fully effective, as well as the things that have no redeeming value.

QUESTION: How do you know if you are plugged into the right thing?


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