In Him There Is No Condemnation

I have a fascination with people who work in the area of real estate and construction. From the inspectors and surveyors to the architect; the contractor and foreman to the workers, from the capital investors and bankers to the developers, they all have a place and serve a grand purpose in the process. But when the building is complete, the interior designers have worked their magic, and the occupant has moved in, few people give any thought to the amount of work it takes to keep up in that building’s ongoing maintenance.


Buildings get rundown for many reasons; the owners or occupants may have fallen on hard times, there may have been a natural disaster that took place, or the neighborhood or community may not be quite as vibrant and prosperous as it once was. Whatever the case may be, we’ve seen the effects of all these things take place and have their part in what happens next during these recession influenced times. Many of these buildings become abandoned and often condemned.

Condemned sign on entrance to Salisbury Mall, ...

Condemned sign on entrance to Salisbury Mall, Salisbury, Maryland. October 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The bible says that our bodies are in essence, temples of the Holy Spirit. God‘s own Spirit takes residence within us so that we might have a comforter, a guide and someone that will lead us in to all truth along our pilgrim journey. We are constantly being worked on, changed and being transformed into the Original Architect’s design. What is so amazing is that not only is God the Architect, He is also the Developer and the Building Inspector; yet, the one thing that God never does in His role as Building Inspector is to issue an order of condemnation.


Scripture tells us that there is no condemnation in Him, or rather, He never condemns. The dictionary defines the word condemn as follows:




  1. To express strong disapproval of
  2. To pronounce guilty
  3. To pronounce unfit for use


Building Inspectors go through an intensive checklist to determine if a building is suitable for use or is unfit for use. They check off each item that does not meet the governing body’s standard for fitness. As they look the building over inch by inch, they may verbally express their disapproval in its current state. If it was a building that happens to be under contract to be redesigned, they may point out faults of the company that did the work.


While we may have in our lives felt feeling of condemnation, God says that if He is abiding in us, He will not express strong disapproval of us; He will not pronounce our guilt, nor will He pronounce us as unfit for use. How awesome is that? Such an awesome work that was done in us through the blood that Jesus shed. There is nothing so horrible that we might have done, whereby God will issue an order of condemnation.


What is even more amazing is that He says the same thing of those that have yet to accept Christ. He says, “I will never leave nor forsake you.” No matter how rundown your life has been, regardless of what deeds have been done in and to the body/temple, He will not condemn you, because He says He can use anyone or anything to His glory.


If you have ben believe that you are under condemnation, it was not issued by a true officer or one who has the ultimate authority over you. Tell that person, even if it is yourself that this condemnation that is being invoked is invalid and that the one who truly has the say so in your life has revoked it. Be free. Live Free from condemnation.



QUESTION: Have you had feelings of condemnation in your life? How have you dealt with them?



  1. I dealt with mine by not dealing with it. I felt that if I brushed it aside and kept myself busy that it would go away..but recently God has started working on me and have to deal with those issues (I still am)..has been difficult..but also positive for me because I realised that running away only amplifies that feeling..I don’t even know if I’m making sense..I hope you understand..

    1. I understand completely. It is actually all too common for many to do that very thing. The thing about God is that since he doesn’t condemn, we must walk in His grace. The grace that says, “He forgave us and threw the knowledge of it into the sea of forgetfulness. While we may find it hard to forget what we’ve done or didn’t do, we can rest assured in the knowledge that He now sees us through the blood and we can thus walk in His righteousness.

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