Meant to Grow

It’s an amazing thing to realize how God uses things in the natural to reveal to us their resemblance to things in the spirit. As Christians, we know that He has given each of us a measure of faith. People read where it says that if you have, “faith the size of a grain of a mustard seed you can move mountains,” and somehow have the notion that, “If I could just have that much faith, then I will be awesome.”

Yellow mustard seeds

Yellow mustard seeds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Christ gave that example of our Kingdom walk, He was demonstrating how great a harvest that can be produced from something that is so small. He wasn’t saying that faith the size of a mustard seed was all that we would ever need in life, He was explaining that it only took that much faith to be able to accomplish things exponentially greater.

We have each been given a measure of faith. Picture if you will the game of Monopoly™. Before you can play the game, whoever the banker is, starts everyone who is playing a specific amount of money to play. No one begins in the hole or without anything. Every person starts out on a level playing ground. The object of the game is to grow your measure until you have increased your measure greater than everyone else that is playing. (Keep in mind that in the Kingdom you are not in competition with others, but there is an expectation that you increase the things God has entrusted you with.)

Faith, like a muscle, needs to be developed. If it is not exercised, then like the muscles in your body, it too can suffer from atrophy. Our spiritual strength is developed through the flexing and use of our faith. Every day that we spend in the gymnasium of our bible and the crucible of our daily pilgrim journey is the opportunity to work out our faith muscles.

Peter’s faith was tested repeatedly. The day he first met Jesus, he had to have faith to launch out into the deep after having a fruitless day of fishing. His faith was tested again when presented with the opportunity to step out of the boat in the twilight hours of a stormy night.  His faith was tested again, to even believe that Christ was risen as He had said. In the Upper Room, his faith to stand before all and confirm what had been foretold and to announce to the people that the Comforter had indeed come.

  • Meditation: The process of putting God’s word before you. Meditating allows God’s word to become ingrained in your heart. When your heart is strengthened, you have the mind, the will, and the fervor to do what previously was not perceived as possible. Scripture tells us that, “we can do all things through Christ and the anointing which gives us strength.”
  • Dedication: Daily dedication of time in study of the word and nurturing the seeds planted by God through those He has anointed to speak into you. Your body did not develop to its physical best overnight. Your faith is developed over time as well. The more time you put into developing your faith, the greater your faith becomes.
  • Consecration: Those who set themselves apart from people who hinder the development of their faith will have greater success. Though Jesus was anointed, He was often met by challenges to do the miraculous because of others who walked in unbelief. People can often work against you and the seeds you are working to nurture. That’s why Jesus had instructed that we guard the seeds sown. Keeping them at bay as you are processing the development of your faith is essential.
  • Revelation:  Often, it is the revelation of one simple thing that unlocks the doors to you breaking a faith plateau. Continually seek God for a fresh revealing word regarding the things you desire to be built up in.
  • Application: The bible says that, “faith without works is dead.” On New Testament author said, “I’ll show you my faith by my works.” You have to do something with your faith beyond believing in the word. Life, and especially life abundant, is a call to action.


QUESTION: Is your faith being strengthened through daily use, or is it experiencing atrophy from inactivity?


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