Keys of The Kingdom

It’s an amazing thing to think how easy things become when you catch onto what God is doing. God is always after us. He’s not after us in the vengeful, tyrannical way that some people have conjured up in their mind regarding Him. He is always after us, to reveal Himself to us. I while back wrote of how Moses desired to see God, yet God told him that he could not bear to see God in full, but He would show Moses His glory as he was hidden within the cleft of a rock. We too, like Moses cannot handle all of God, yet it is His desire to reveal Himself to us. He does this, as I explained before, in the manner like how you might peel back the layers of an onion. He reveals something to us, and as we know Him in that way, He sets out to reveal another part of Himself as we are able to handle it.

Christ told the disciples on the day that Peter acknowledged that Jesus was the Christ that he would give them, “the keys of the Kingdom.” I am certain that there are three keys in particular that unlock nearly every door imaginable. Love, Obedience and Wisdom are without a doubt in my mind the keys necessary to access the Heavenly Kingdom. I’m not saying these are the only keys, just that these are three that I’m certain will effectively open any door.

  • Love: All the Law Hangs on it. When people asked Jesus which was the greatest of the Commandments, his response was that they could all be summed up in two. Love God and Love Others as deeply they would love themselves. Knowing that God is love, there is without a doubt nothing that cannot be accomplished when love is at the core of all you do.
  • Obedience: Better than Sacrifice. When Samuel confronted Saul about his disobedience, it revealed how much God desires to favor us. Obedience is to be in agreement with the word and will of God. Isn’t it interesting that even as Christ was speaking to the disciples about the keys of the Kingdom, the next thing he did was to give the command to tell no one who he was?
  • Wisdom: The Principal Thing. Even Jesus obtained favor with both God and man because he sought to increase in wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to take knowledge and understanding and appropriately apply it to your situation. When you operate in wisdom, you avoid things that may bring harm, and release opportunities that otherwise might have been missed.

Consider every situation throughout scripture where love, obedience and wisdom were in operation. Noah’s obedience saved humanity from annihilation. The wisdom used by Solomon saved a woman’s child from death.  Christ’s love of the world is able to save anyone who believes from eternal damnation. Choose to walk in love, obedience, and wisdom. It’s assuredly the Kingdom keys that will bring an abundance of blessings to you and those connected to you.

QUESTION: Can you see where these keys have open doors to you? Share your testimony.

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