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The Truth

I’ve said it before and I’m not ashamed to say it again, I’ve watched a lot of television growing up. It has taught me things that I might not have received through other means. I have heard in recent years a catch phrasethat has bothered me for quite some time. It is because I cannot […]

God and Psychobabble

I’ve had a most interesting journey into the world of Psychology recently with this book that I was blessed to review. Kathy Martin is a most respected Doctor in her profession, and has used her faith to bring revelation and truth to an arena where most might be compelled to scoff. In her book God […]

Wedded Bliss?

Who are we kidding? When you hear the words, “wedded bliss,” What comes to mind? Do you envision a horse drawn carriage, with the happily and newlywed couple aboard trotting off into the sunset, to live out their perfect lives? Does the image that come to you appear like a pristine Norman Rockwellportrait? The reality […]

Check the Vertical

Despite my wife’s teasing, I’m really not that old. However, I have spent quite a considerable amount of time in front of the “boob tube.” While many shows that I was a fan of in my youth had their initial run long before I was born, they were like new to me because of syndication. […]

It Comes at a Cost

When I was in the process of courting my wife, she would often warn me about certain things about herself; her flaws, her past relationships, her hang ups and anything else that she though I should know about her. It was her idea to give me all of the ugly truths that she thought I […]

Getting Rid of Toxins

I tend to watch people who tout the benefits of certain things to better our lives. I often hear physical fitness trainers and other health proponents spout off the litany of reasons for why you should make detoxificationa regular part of your health regimen, especially now as I am into that unique position of being […]

Gluttony: The Indulgence of Appetites

We live in a day where so many things are readily at our fingertips. We have access to just about everything that one could possibly imagine. Because of this, we have become a society that is literally a gluttonous generation. Yet, when most people think of the word gluttony, what comes to mind most often […]

Permanent Markers

Such a novel and unique invention. So many potential uses that this ingenious tool has been used for. They can be used for anything like labeling that cardboard box you packed to move or ship, or they can be used to create works of art such as can be found in the medium of graffiti. […]

As the World Churns

There has been much brouhaha over the recent cover photo on Time Magazine. The controversy over breastfeeding is not a new debate, but it is increasingly becoming a focal point as the push to promote healthier children and create a social acceptance for it in public venues also increases. While many here in the United […]

Retirement: Where Many Go to Die

  I was once of the opinion when I was younger that I wanted to be one of those people who could actually say that I retired early. So many people in the ’80’s and ’90’s were doing just that as they found their wealth in the explosion of the dotcom era in Silicon Valley. […]

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