Never Give Up Your Just Cause



It is so amazing to take a moment to just pause and observe the things that are taking place in the world in which we live. There are so many things that influence us; our thoughts and actions are impacted daily, as I am learning from day to day. There are so many forms of injustices that are in the world that if you let it, you could become very discouraged; enough so that you might wonder if it were ever worth the bother to get involved.

Medical donations delivered to a free clinic i...

Medical donations delivered to a free clinic in Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The bible tells us that we ought not grow weary in our desire to do well, because in a season that is due to come, we shall reap the harvest if we do not faint. When we see the world in which we live in, it can become quite depressing to witness the enormity of the level of poverty, sickness, homelessness, and utter depravity that exist. The thought and feelings of our responsibility to meet the needs of those in need can seem overwhelming and almost disconcerting. You begin to have doubts and feelings that make you wonder, “what’s the use?”


The crazy part of it all is that if you read your bible, you might become discouraged when you see Jesus say, “The poor you will have with you always.” That statement was not an indictment against them to say that their efforts were of no effect or need. Quite the contrary. He was making an indictment against one of his disciples who came against the decisions of a woman to use expensive oils to anoint Jesus, under the guise of saying that it could have been put to better use. Jesus pointed out that her lavish act was appropriate, given that he was in preparation to go to the cross. The poor, they would always have among them. He, however, was soon to die.


God is a God of love. Because of that love, we are also to show love. Jesus told the people that all the Law hung on two principles; love God with all your heart, and love your neighbors as much as you love yourself. Love can be expressed in a variety of ways, but two major ways are through serving and giving.


The call to serve the needs of others is a noble one and a call that love requires. If we are truly to be a representation of Christ in the earth, than it behooves us to show forth that love through whatever means that we are able. Your just cause is the means by which lives are not only changed, but saved. Your just cause is the means by which chains are broken, burdens are lifted, eyes are opened, hearts are mended, and even the dead come alive. Your just cause is a labor in living and leaving a legacy.


Even if you don’t see the rewards of your just cause in the process of your well doing, know that there is a reward. It may not and often does not come in the way we think or from whom we think it will come, but trust and believe that it will come. The seeds you sow can and will produce a harvest.


QUESTION: Have you ever felt the call to a just cause? How did you respond?


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