From Age to Age

 I had a most thought provoking discussion in one of my classes last week as we were reviewing some information as we prepared for our midterm exam. We discussed how as time passes, each age that is ushered in is shorter than that of the previous one. There are overlays of certain ones, of course, but the latter age becomes shorter than the previous. We’ve seen the Hunter/Gathering Age, the Agrarian Age, the Industrial Age and now the Information Age.

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What I find interesting is the just days following this discussion, I was listening to some speak of how in like manner, the lifespan of a man’s generation is also becoming shorter. In the time of Adam, a man could expect that a generational span was approximately 900-1000 years. In the time of Noah, a generation spanned about 80 years. In the days of Moses it was about 40 years. At present, a generation is roughly about 21 years. The sad commentary is that with the prevalence of teen pregnancies, a generational span is being diminished even further to what may soon be seen as about 15-17 years.


As access to information is increasing and the race to greater spiritual enlightenment becomes more desired within, what becomes a prevailing thought is what becomes of the next generation as we move from this Information Age to what is being deemed the Experiential Age? Why becomes of a generation of people who feel that the only path to God and wisdom is through an experience? What’s even more disturbing is the thought of what lengths a person willingness is in doing whatever they feel is required to have such an experience?


We already see the beginnings of it as technology moves us closer to literally being able to plug into our computers through virtual reality and 3D devices. We already see it happening to a greater degree as more and more as people seek their thrills through various forms of stimuli; drugs, alcohol, sex, and even violence just to name a few. In my generation alone, we’ve evolved from boxing to mixed martial arts. Extreme sports are all the rage and it seems as though everyone is looking for the next big thing that will take them to the next echelon or evolution in enlightenment and awareness.


God has always given us warnings about the notions of building our own paths to truth, wisdom and enlightenment. When Adam’s and Eve ate the fruit it cost them their place of authority, their home in the Garden and their perfect created state of being. When Nimrod gathered the people together to build a tower to heaven God Himself came a scattered the people and confounded their language.


The Apostle Paul illustrated to the people of Rome the fallacies of a search for zgod and wisdom through all the wrong methods. He pointed out how Seeking God directly is the best and surest option to achieve the desired results; that all other channels are futile and ultimately a foolish venture. He goes on to tell how God eventually turns these people over to their own vile passions and even allows their minds to rule them instead of the other way around.


We must become very careful in the coming years as we quickly approach this new and coming Experiential Age. We must be careful that we do not fall victim to the desire to have experiences at the expense of an actual pursuit of an authentic relationship with the author and source of all wisdom and truth. We must be careful that we are not seeking miracles, signs and wonders at the expense of knowing the one who provides the miracles, signs and wonders.


Jesus warned that the threat to those who seek signs is that a day would come when there would be people who would come along and portray themselves as being Christ, and if they were not careful, it could almost be possible to be convincing enough to deceive the very elect. Choose to be as King Solomon who went straight to the source for wisdom. Choose to be as Joshua who declared that he and his house would serve God and encouraged the others to do likewise. Choose to be like David who was a man after God’s Heart.


Every turn around is supposed to go from glory to glory, higher and higher. Let’s be sure that we of the body of Christ are going higher and higher in the manner in which God intended for us. The test of the first Adam was lost by a lust of the fleshly, the eyes, and the pride of life. The test of the last Adam was won by the wisdom of the Word. We too will face our own tests. Let’s be sure we follow the lead of the last Adam.


QUESTION: How do you perceive this present age and the that of the one to come? What are some ways the Church can keep from falling into the traps of the Experiential Age?

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