Permanent Markers

Such a novel and unique invention. So many potential uses that this ingenious tool has been used for. They can be used for anything like labeling that cardboard box you packed to move or ship, or they can be used to create works of art such as can be found in the medium of graffiti. Permanent markers have the ability to leave an indelible markwherever they are used.

Sanford King Size Permanent Marker.

Sanford King Size Permanent Marker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We aren’t so different from that modest creation. Isn’t it interesting that permanent markers only require three simple components to be considered a permanent marker? We too have three components that give us the potential for leaving a permanent imprint on the world in which we live. We are spirit, soul, and body. Our souls are composed of our mind, will, and emotions. What we do with those components has the ability to enable us to create or destroy.

Our Minds: The mind is capable of performing millions of operations simultaneously for us, as it sends messages throughout our body. Our minds are able to conceive limitless creations. When people come together and put their minds together, the ability to create is multiplied exponentially. From the creation of the first wheel to the most complex theories in physics, our minds are amazing instruments with the capacity to phenomenally shape cultures and civilizations. Those that use their minds in such a way leave a permanent marker that cannot be erased.

Our Will: Our will do unimaginable things and go to the furthermore regions create for us the driving force to deal with insurmountable odds, even when they are so obviously stacked against us. Revolutions occur when the will for change outweighs the the desire to tolerate the status quo. Without a strong will, Apartheid, the Holocaust, and American slavery might still be the norm of the day. Those revolutions and the ones with the will to evoke them leave a mark on history that is undeniably etched in our collective memories.

Our Emotions: Our emotions give us the sensitivity to sympathize and empathize with situations that occur all around us, creating a tapestry of works that can be observed in the simplest to the most complex mediums. Art, music, architecture, medicine, and a host of humanitarian actions are birthed out of our ability to relate to the struggles and situations that happen all around and within us.

When we come to grips with our unique make up, we have an amazing fortitude to use everything we’ve been blessed with to leave a permanent marker on the world we live in. A wise man one said, “When I die, will it have mattered that I lived?” Ask yourself that same question as you go through your day today. Can you see yourself leaving a permanent mark on the world? Will the mark you make be positive or negative?

In reality, the invention known as the permanent marker isn’t entirely permanent. However, we can have a permanent impact on our world if we use what God has given us in such a way that even as he told Abraham, “I will make your name great.” A good name is to be desired.

QUESTION: What will your mark be; permanent or temporary?

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