It Comes at a Cost

When I was in the process of courting my wife, she would often warn me about certain things about herself; her flaws, her past relationships, her hang ups and anything else that she though I should know about her. It was her idea to give me all of the ugly truths that she thought I might want to know before getting too depending into our relationship.

Baggage Dept

Baggage Dept (Photo credit: Noël Zia Lee)


My usual reply every time she did this was, “I signed up for this.” The point behind this was to basically say that there was nothing that she could possibly bring up that could be to big or bad to warrant my leaving her. Whatever baggage or issues she had, I was willing to deal with them and work through them with her because I had chosen to love her unconditionally.


Too often we find that many relationships don’t last or stand the tests of time simply because people lack the understanding that when they utter those three little words, “I love you,” that those words carry weight. The best things in life may indeed be free, but the reality of the matter is that love comes with a cost. To say that you love someone means that you are putting your heart on notice that it will and must suffer, endure, and bear many things.


Love requires sacrifices that most don’t really fathom. Many never think about the family history or the relational experiences that form the other person’s emotional baggage. So when the heat gets a little too hot, the mind takes over where the heart gave up and says, “Head for the nearest exit,” instead of, “I’m in this to win it.”


  • Suffers Long: Like Christ whose passion lead him to suffer the atrocities of all those hours that he hung on the cross, we too will often be called to face great pains for the sake of the one we love. Some things don’t come with an expiration date. You suffer as long as it takes because you’ve placed a value on your connection to that person.
  • Endures All: Love demands that you will endure. Your call to endure demonstrates the definition of unconditional. You attach no strings to your relationship. This requires patience. It’s seldom easy, but always rewarding.
  • Bears All: The weights and burdens of others were meant to be shared in a relationship. When one becomes heavy, the other steps in to make sure that they do not break under the pressure of it.


It is not enough to say, “I love you.” Love is a verb, and that means actions are involved. People need to see your love before they will accept that you say it. The cost of love is high. Are you willing to pay the price that love demands of you? If your answer is yes, then you are almost home free.



QUESTION: Are the relationships you hold dear worth the cost?



  1. So glad you enjoyed it.

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