Check the Vertical

Despite my wife’s teasing, I’m really not that old. However, I have spent quite a considerable amount of time in front of the “boob tube.” While many shows that I was a fan of in my youth had their initial run long before I was born, they were like new to me because of syndication. Shows like Leave It to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Showwere among my many favorites. Another show that I liked was probably a favorite simply because of its intro.

RCA Indian Head Test Card ca. 1940 Русский: Ст...

RCA Indian Head Test Card ca. 1940 Русский: Старая телевизионная тестовая сетка, разработанная инженерами компании RCA в 1939 году (широко использовалась вплоть до широкого распространения цветного телевидения). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Outer Limits created such drama and awe because they were delving into subject matter that was not the norm. It was one of the first in a new genre of entertainment production. So when you heard that opening line, “Do not adjust your sets. We control the Horizontal. We control the vertical,” you perked up, because you realized that unlike most times when something that was interfering with how your television set normally functioned, this was not one of those times.

Yet, so often when our lives are out of control or not functioning as we expect, we don’t do a self-diagnostic to see why things are not as they should be. And if we do, we presume from the start that it hasn’t been the horizontal rather than checking the vertical. Oddly enough, time and again the bible tells us that when things are out of alignment, we should direct our attention to the owner’s manual for what to do, because the manufacturer of all knows how something should work, because he built it.

Checking out our vertical relationship with God first most often enables us to straighten out our life’s picture; both horizontally as well as vertically. When things begin to get fuzzy, and full of interference from things that shouldn’t normally affect our normal routine, we need not be afraid to say that we don’t know the answer to the problem.

While most of us may not be savvy enough to operate today’s televisions or even able to understand the manuals that the manufacturers have included with them, we haven’t change. What’s even better is that God has enabled us to have easier to understand manuals so that we can more easily get our own life’s pictures back to proper functionality. Get your vertical relationship back. You’ll find that in doing that one simple thing can have a major effect on clarity, perception, and vibrancy. Your life will be sharper and properly aligned.

QUESTION: How often do you check your vertical relationship to straighten out your life’s picture?

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