Wedded Bliss?

Who are we kidding? When you hear the words, “wedded bliss,” What comes to mind? Do you envision a horse drawn carriage, with the happily and newlywed couple aboard trotting off into the sunset, to live out their perfect lives? Does the image that come to you appear like a pristine Norman Rockwellportrait?

OURs... to fight for Freedom from Want is a co...

OURs… to fight for Freedom from Want is a color lithograph created in 1942 by Norman Rockwell and published in the Saturday Evening Post as part of a series illustrating the “Four Freedoms.” The aim of the series was to promote the buying of war bonds by Americans during World War II. Copyright held by the Curtis Publishing Company. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reality when it comes to marriage is that a good one takes effort. A great marriage is worked at and reworked throughout the life of the two involved in it. I know I have spoken about this to a point in another post, but there are some things can bear repeating.

  • Your Spouse Will Get Older: Depending on what age your spouse is when you marry, you’ll go through several phases with them. Those phases, if not prepared for will make for difficult days. Biological, physiological, and psychological changes can’t always be seem coming ahead of time like the road markers on the highway, but they can be approximated. Saying the right thing at the right time can make your spouse’s day.
  • Additions and Subtraction Bring Changes: Jobs, children, and other things that come and go can be devastating and will definitely test the mettle of your relationship. Handling the transitions will add miles to sustaining a happy life.
  • Dreams and Goals are Altered: With a changing global community and economy, it becomes imperative to stay abreast of your spouse’s potentially changing aspirations. The bible tells us that two can only walk together if they are agreed. Division in your marriage interests¬† can become the quickest way to lose someone.

If you do the necessary observations and maintain a good strategy for watching for clues, you’ll see things can be smoother than if you have expectations of things being blissful running on autopilot. Bliss is as much a fantasy as the fairy tales you used to read as a child.

Commit to working at having a good marriage of you don’t have one. If it’s good, commit to making it better. If you have a great one, commit to maintaining it. Anything worth having is worth the effort to keep it. Build your marital legacy one day at a time. The time you invest in it will pay astronomical dividends over the course of many generations.

QUESTION: Do you believe that wedded bliss just happens? How do you achieve it?

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  1. You always have to want it more than you desire any other thing for yourself. The willingness to submit, compromise, and work together towards each others goals makes you appreciate your union on another level. I’m honored to have wedded bliss with you dear!

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