The Truth

I’ve said it before and I’m not ashamed to say it again, I’ve watched a lot of television growing up. It has taught me things that I might not have received through other means. I have heard in recent years a catch phrasethat has bothered me for quite some time. It is because I cannot reconcile it with what I know to be true. The phrase that I am referring to is, “Stand in your own truth.”


truth (Photo credit: Erick-Pardus)

Let me say this up front. I understand that this speaks to living as much of an authentic life as you know how. The trouble I have is that many people in the world assume that everyone can have their own personal truth about everything. In other words, there is no absolute truth. To assume that there are no absolute truths is to be absolute in your view that there are no absolutes.

If truth is relative, then everyone lives according to their own perceptions. The problem with that is that our perceptions are skewed by our human failings. Our wisdom is tainted like yeast in a loaf of bread. We have tunnel vision and an astigmatism. It’s as though we are like a race horse that has blinders on, but also a thin veil has been lowered preventing the little bit of sight we do have.

Christ said that he is “The Truth.” The bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. The amazing thing about that simple statement is that the Holy Spirit, which is the third part of the triune Godhead, He still operates under the authority of The Father. Christ is Truth incarnate, but The Spirit adheres to the Set order. I could go deeper into that part alone, but that’s a topic for another time.

We need to come to the realization that apart from Christ we cannot know truth. It is even the Spirit that even makes possible for us to receive truth. It is so astonishing to think that in saying, “Stand in your own truth,” you are actually standing in a position that is lower than the position that God would have you to stand in. God’s thoughts and ways are far above our own. That can be scary because we then say to ourselves that it is unobtainable or even sustainable. The awesome part about it is that He gave us his righteousness to stand in. He even told us to seek Him and His righteousness first, that we might know how to operate.

When we live in the absolute truth that God designed us to live in, from the foundation of our creation, we then not only exhibit what God intended, it becomes our own truth to stand in. When we can live according to His truth, then the ability to stand becomes personal through our individual personality.

QUESTION: What is your thoughts regarding standing in your own truth?

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