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Who Would Dare Be King?

Recently, a book titled Swagger: 10 Urgent Rules for Raising Boys in an Era of Failing Schools  was released. In it, the author Lisa Bloom speaks to the issues faced by today’s society in acknowledging the problems of boys in education and finding their place in the world. This actually is a subject that is […]

It’s Not Subliminal

Weeks ago, the makers of Adidas footwear released news of it’s latest creation. They were called Shackles; for obvious reasons. The outcry was immediate by many who saw it as a slap in the face of consumers. The cries of racism and prejudices towards African Americanscould not be missed. Many who voiced their disdain regarding […]

Encountering God Through Dance

In her book “Encountering God Through Dance: The Dancing Bride,” Saara Taina gives great insight into not only her life, but her ministry as a dancer. Her unique perspective reveals the heart of God to have the Bride of Christ to reclaim dance as a former of worship, that not only glorifies God, but also brings […]

Can You Smell What The ROCK is Cooking?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I get a lot of revelation from what I watch on television. Today was not the first day that this revelation came to me; for it has been some years since I’ve watched any professional wrestling, but in just a brief moment of reflection, my mind […]

What the Rich Know That Others Don’t

Recently I had the privilege to be in attendance at seminar in Singapore. The cool thing about this is that I never left the comfort of my home. For many people, that isn’t very impressive, since technology has given us the ability to video chat and do all that we do to connect and extend our reach.  […]

Reaching Out

I suppose you could say that the older I get, the more nostalgic I become. Not that I think the years that have gone by are any better than they are now. Quite the contrary, I believe with my whole heart that our best days are always in front of us. It’s just that my […]

Your Best Foot Forward

Back some years ago, I learned something that has never left me. I’ve taken it everywhere I go and apply it to everything that I do. When I was working in the aviation business, I took great pride in it. In no matter what I did, I always put my best foot forward. It is […]

Out Of Control

Recently, my twelve year old and two year old daughters both came down with a nasty virus. As a parent, you hope to be prepared for everything. You remember how it was for you as a child when you got sick, and your mom (in most cases) took care of everything. As a father, you […]

Do Business Until I Come

It’s such an amazing thing to think how some of the things that I’ve been challenged in my understanding of things, even to the point of it being contrary to the conventional thinking of my Christian denominational upbringing. One of the most challenging things for the church today is in the area of knowing the […]

In Three Years

Three years is all it took. That equates to twelve seasons, thirty six months, or one thousand and ninety five days. It is so amazing to think about what can be accomplished in the span of three years time. I happen to be a person who likes numbers. When I think of the numbers here, […]

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