As We Live and Breathe

We were created to do business. One of the first things God did when He created Adam was to give him the business of naming the animals. Jesus told his disciples to do business until he returned. Business is what we’ve been called to. My wife and I have both spent a considerable amount of our lives in and around both the public and private sectors of the business environment. My wife has even done her share of work in social services through government agencies.

Black Enterprise

Black Enterprise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What we both find to be quite interesting is people’s lack of any form of business acumen, even from those who claim to call themselves entrepreneurs. This led me to the thought recently that the word entrepreneur has become quite diluted in this information age and social media saturated world we now find ourselves in. There is more to being an entrepreneur than having talents and skills that can be used to make money. Any two-bit street hustler can do that.

It’s true that skills and talents are a vital part of what is needed if you want to run a business, but realizing entrepreneurs know their strengths, their weaknesses, see opportunities and can even make them where there are none, and can minimize threats. True business leaders periodically go through a S.W.A.T. analysis to guide them and their businesses. True entrepreneurs can take an analysis of themselves and apply what it reveals to every business they involve themselves in.

A true analysis of an entrepreneur will often let them know if they are or are not the best person for a particular job. Some people who call themselves entrepreneurs believe that they can do it all themselves, missing the obvious truth that no one person is exceptional at all things. Many self-employed people make that mistake. However, to put that much on yourself is physically draining, toxic to your relationships, and honestly does not make good business sense. True entrepreneurs recognize this and find the appropriate people to fit in where they know another person would do it better.

If your goal in this season is to be an entrepreneur, you need to take a moment to really evaluate yourself to determine if what you considering is a side hustle, or the start of something truly great. As you develop what it is that you really want, you’ll discover that you’ll begin to live and breathe your own operation. You’ll take ownership of it and find enjoyment in all its aspects.

QUESTION: In what ways do you live and breathe the life of an entrepreneur? How has it shaped and guided you through life?

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