Think Globally, Act Locally

In today’s fast paced Information Age, the world is becoming increasingly smaller as the ability for everyone to expand their capacity to reach further becomes greater. With that in mind, it becomes expedient to not forget that there are cultural differencesthat can become barriers to our ability to influence and impact others.

Bharatanatyam Group

Bharatanatyam Group (Photo credit: Christchurch City Libraries)

It’s becoming more necessary to think on a global scale than in years prior. Even if your goals are of a global nature, having a mind that thinks on a scale that considers multiple cultures and ethnic groups will give you greater perspective not only of the world as a whole, but how the world see you and what it is that you hope to accomplish.

I remember Dr. Tony Evans once stating that, “Strong individuals make strong families, which make strong neighborhoods,  which make strong communities, which lead to strong cities, which result in strong nations and thus making a strong world. This got me to thinking that through incremental steps, you can effectively have a global impact through acting locally.

You may never own an international conglomerate or have an international ministry that takes you traipsing across the globe on private or corporate jets. You may not speak with heads of states or rub elbows with the social elite, that are the movers and shakers in the world. However, your sphere of influence is greater than you can possibly imagine.

Recent studies demonstrated how through social media our connectivity to one another has grown immensely. The movie Six Degrees of Separation proposed the idea that you could connect anyone in the world to another person in as few as six individuals. But now through social media, the scope of connectedness has shrunken to about five if not less.

Keeping this in mind, it makes having a global outlook all the more essential. Through a global mentality, you can impact those you connect with. Getting others to think on a grander scale enables you to do things that in your individual ability, you might not be able to do. Your ability to impact those you are in direct contact with is the easiest, most practical and effective way of making a difference. With a global view and perspective you can more easily and readily engage those around you in such a way that is relevant to others and more in tuned with a variety of cultures.

Challenge yourself to think greater and have a broader view, so that when you connect with others they too see larger. In that way, through them, you may reach people in places you never imagined. Your global perspective may in turn become the catalyst for change not only in your immediate vicinity, but it could reach well beyond your own personal ability to reach others.

QUESTION: What are some ways you are thinking globally in order to have a local impact?

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