In Three Years

Three years is all it took. That equates to twelve seasons, thirty six months, or one thousand and ninety five days. It is so amazing to think about what can be accomplished in the span of three years time. I happen to be a person who likes numbers. When I think of the numbers here, the bible tells us that a three fold chord is not easily broken. Twelve is the number of government and order. That means that in the twelve seasons things can put in a particular order or brought to disorder. In three twelve month cycles any government or organization can be put into a defined position.

English: Calendar

English: Calendar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

King Nebuchadnezzar had a three year plan to transform Hebrew Boys from their Jewish upbringing to being qualified to serve in his palace. He changed their names, their language, and their very appearance; for some, even their world view was changed.

Likewise, Jesus had a three year plan to take twelve simple Jewish businessmen from their old life to living a life as Kingdom men. He didn’t come to establish a religion as some suppose. If he had, he would have simply gone directly to the leaders in the temple. The goal was to bring a people back into the intended relationship with God and His Kingdom order that had been lost through both the sin of Adam and the adoption and co-mingling of ideals that had been picked up through years of occupation of other nations that suppressed and oppressed them.

It is an awesome thing to realize that most leaders can completely change the course and direction of any organization in three years time. For better or for worse, transition and transformation can be completed in an individual, an industry or even an entire culture or civilization. That is such a powerful thing to consider. Most schools now have programs that will allow you to change your career path in approximately three years or less.

Understanding that the rise and fall of a nation can occur in a three year timeframe can either be a cause for concern or a cause for rejoicing depending on your outlook. If you have the necessary tools and the heart to tread in this deep panacea, then you have the ability to influence and shift the course of not only your own life, but also the lives of those within the sphere of your influence. See the possibilities in what can be done in the lives of your family, your community, and beyond. Have the courage to say that now is the time to make moves that will transform the world as you’ve known it. All it takes is three years.

QUESTION: What can you achieve in the span of three years that would radically shift the world around you?


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