Do Business Until I Come

It’s such an amazing thing to think how some of the things that I’ve been challenged in my understanding of things, even to the point of it being contrary to the conventional thinking of my Christian denominational upbringing. One of the most challenging things for the church today is in the area of knowing the difference between being busy with church work and doing actual Kingdom business.

Times Square New York

Times Square New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So often we can tout our activities and actions within the four walls as being what God had intended for the church to do in the process of reaching lost souls. I have to wonder however, if Christ imagined that what we’ve made the church really resembles what he declared the church should be.

I find it interesting that when Jesus began his earthly ministry, it did not begin in the confines of the temple. In fact, John the Baptist, son of a Levitical priest did not minister in the temple as his father had. He instead took the road less traveled by ministering in the desert. When Jesus began his mission, he went out into the marketplace where the people were. Once there, he then chose some men, who also were not of the church, but rather from the world of business. Is it not also interesting that when it was soon coming to a close on his earthly ministry, that one of the final things he told his disciples to do was to “occupy” until he returned?

I think that in the course of the years that have gone by, we’ve misinterpreted the word occupy and inserted our own definition and meaning of it. We’ve become busy, assuming that by our activity we are in fact occupying when the real interpretation of this scripture is that we should be doing business until he comes.

There must have been a reason Jesus chose businessmen. Could it be that men of business would best know how to relate to a world that faced real issues? Could it be that these men of business could speak in such a way as to be more relevant to the culture in which they would have to encounter? Where other than among the marketplace movers and shakers would you rather be to have the most impact? It’s among these people where influence and life happens.

Sure, the church is a place that is needed for the coming together and strengthening of the body of believers, but it is in the streets, in the hustle and bustle of daily life that people see the difference in a Kingdom life lived.  Jesus told them that no one hides a lamp under a bushel. Light is meant to be put in a place where it can cast off darkness.

There is a great push beginning to unfold within the body of believers. A great recognition that the seven mountains of cultural influence will see it’s brightest shift as men and women take up the mantle to seize those mountains that were lost. Regaining these mountains is a clarion call to do as Christ said we must. The Kingdom suffers violence, but the violent take it by force.

Our ability to authentically and effectively transform the realms of government, arts and entertainment, business, media, education, and family, as well as religion will be the true shift in seeing the body of Christ being seen as it needs to be seen.

QUESTION: If we are truly called to do business until Christ returns, how does that look to you?



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