What the Rich Know That Others Don’t

Recently I had the privilege to be in attendance at seminar in Singapore. The cool thing about this is that I never left the comfort of my home. For many people, that isn’t very impressive, since technology has given us the ability to video chat and do all that we do to connect and extend our reach.  That reach is what has been so beneficial to me.

learning to ride a bike - _MG_2933

learning to ride a bike – _MG_2933 (Photo credit: sean dreilinger)

As I began to take in all that one of the keynote speakers was saying, what amazed me was the realization that the Rich really do understand some things that the the rest tend to either overlook or completely ignore. It is in these few things that has truly allowed the Rich to get richer while everyone else continues to struggle to maintain or even fall further behind.

  • Who You Learn From Matters: So often we place our trust in people who have not been where we’d like to be. This is tragic. If you want to be rich, it makes sense that you should be coached or mentored by someone who is rich. What sense does it make to get financial education from a person or place that has not had the knowledge or experience of what it really takes? Someone who has evidence or proof of what it takes and how it happens is who you should follow. Ask yourself how many teachers, financial advisors, and so called economists have the evidence of wealth to validate teaching you how to be rich?
  • Being Comfortable Kills: This was a real big one for me. So often, as people we become comfortable with a modicum of success. The rich, however, don’t stop when they achieve a goal. Entrepreneurs and people of wealth know that reaching a goal is just a step in a learning process, which you build upon and hopefully compound your success so that it grows. Being uncomfortable pushes you to think, learn, reach, and do. Being comfortable stifles, makes you complacent and stops you from looking for solutions or better options.
  • You Learn Best By Doing: The hardest thing for most people is in the doing. But the best learning and the greatest lessons come from doing. So often, what keeps people right where they are and not seeing the wealth is by not doing what it takes to get it done. Reading is great, seeing is great, but you learn so much more when you are actually doing it.
  • Failure is Inevitable: This goes hand in hand with the last one, since schools often reinforce the idea that failure is to be avoided. Failure is the best teacher because once you’ve seen what went wrong or what doesn’t work, you can often figure out how to correct it. It’s interesting to me to note that the speaker mentioned how as a pilot, he spent countless hours learning how to crash. This prepared him for when he went into combat. Knowing how to crash saved his life, because when he was forced to crash, he could do it in such a way that he survived to fly another day. We so often feel that if we crash that it’s all over. The rich crash and fail repeatedly. The difference is that they learn from it and get right back to business.

That last point hit me so hard because I heard someone else in the same week mention how spiritually, we tell one another that someone isn’t gifted or anointed because they slip and fall or make a mistake. Yet, no one says to a baby that they aren’t meant to walk simply because they fell once, twice or a million times in the process of learning to walk.

So whatever your goal is, take a lesson from what I’ve learned recently from some very rich people. Choose to learn from the right teachers. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, so it will push you to stretch and reach. Don’t just sit and watch or read about it, do it. Don’t fear failing, embrace it because it happens. You’ll be amazed at the results. I know I’m on my way. Hope to see you there too.

QUESTION: What lessons have you learned growing up that seem contrary what the rich know? In seeing the difference, what changes if any have you made?


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