Can You Smell What The ROCK is Cooking?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I get a lot of revelation from what I watch on television. Today was not the first day that this revelation came to me; for it has been some years since I’ve watched any professional wrestling, but in just a brief moment of reflection, my mind recalled the days when I once did. The world is all a flutter with anticipation for something big. It’s as though there were a unique scent in the air as change seems to be brewing.

English: The Rock and John Cena agree to a mat...

English: The Rock and John Cena agree to a match at WWE WrestleMania XXVIII (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This scent that seems to be catching the attention of people all over reminded me of the wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He would famously cry out to his fans that something was up. His clarion call was to awaken the crowd to what was about to occur. His cry, “If you smell what The Rock is cooking,” suggested that if you can just sense what’s about to happen, then you’ll rise up with excitement and enthusiasm.


There has been and still is a shifting that is taking place. Some will say it began with the transition of the presidential election of 2008, while others will say it has been happening since the fall of the World Trade Center Towers. No matter when it is that you mark as the beginning of that shifting, you have to agree that God is absolutely and without any doubt up to something big. Can you smell what Jesus, The ROCK, our Chief Cornerstone is up to?


God has given us not just natural senses, but He has also gifted us with spiritual senses to be able to see and foresee the changes coming; and with those senses, be able to flow with the changing winds. It’s like Moses leading the people by the cloud in the day or the pillar of fire by night. Our senses were given to us, that we, through them might know the seasons, perceive changes, and detect dangers. Like Spiderman with his heightened abilities to know when a certain thing was approaching, we too have been given something special through the Holy Spirit.


Take a brief moment today to catch a whiff of what The ROCK is cooking. I can guarantee you that as soon as you detect it, you will find yourself getting excited, despite anything that might appear contrary. You have not lost. You should already be aware of the end of the story and who wrote the book. And just in case you haven’t taken a sneak peek at how it ends: Spoil Alert! We win! Better still, He said that we come out as being more than a conqueror. Can you smell what The ROCK is Cooking?



QUESTION: What senses has God given you to help you know what He has cooking?


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