Resistance is Needful

It would be great if I could actually claim to be a voracious and physically fit person. I marvel at those who spend hours upon hours in the gymnasium conditioning their physiques to a chiseled specimen and masterpiece of perfection. Having been born with Sickle Cell Anemia, I never ventured too deeply on the side of physical workouts. While I have done my share on occasion, I must confess that the rigors of a regular routine has repeatedly escaped my grasp.

Patrick Stewart as Locutus, the assimilated Je...

Patrick Stewart as Locutus, the assimilated Jean-Luc Picard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nevertheless, I have learned many things in the moments I have ventured into that pervasive territory. Watching others as well as my own trials have given me valuable insights, not only in a natural sense but also a spiritual sense.  One in particular, is in the area of resistance. While the Star Trek characters known as The Borg would say that, “Resistance is futile,” Lifehas taught me that the truth of the matter is that resistance is in fact necessary.

Webster defines the word resist as, “to exert force in opposition.” From a biological standpoint, resistance is needed to develop muscles. As an exercise program, resistance training involves the use of weights and other external resistance devices that cause muscles to contract through repetitious movements. It is through the continual repeating of contracting the muscles, that they strengthen and grow. Without this process, muscles lose their elasticity and are weak.

We, like our own muscles need resistance to mature and grow. Without situations in life that arise giving cause for us to resist them, we cannot go from one level of development to another. While it might seem a good idea to not ever have to face opposition and give resistance to anything, the reality is that without it we remain immature and immaterial in society. We become impotent people, powerless to affect change or have any influence with anyone or anything.

It’s like the baby eagle in the nest. It must go through the struggle of breaking free of it’s egg. The pecking makes it’s beak strong, for it will surely be needs when hunting its prey. But even more importantly, the struggle the egg provides for the eagle’s wing means that it will be capable and Strong enough when the father literally throws the baby eagle from the high mountain peak. Without that struggle, the wings do not become strong enough for flying and that eagle will surely die.

We are no different from that eagle, in the natural or spiritual when it comes to the need for resistance. We must have resistance that builds character, mental fortitude, and physical stamina. Spiritually, our fittings are cultivated through the fiery trials and testings we face. We become conquerors through the battles fought against the principalities, rulers of darkness, and every manner of spiritual wickedness. Resistance is not futile, it is needful.

QUESTION: How have you found strength through the necessity of resistance?


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