Breaking Cycles

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing someone speaking a message of healing. It was in the specific area of breaking cycles. While this was not a foreign topic to me, one key point the speaker noted seemed to highlight something in such a way that it was as if it were a new concept once more.

A ca. 6 months old Winter White Russian Dwarf ...

A ca. 6 months old Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster (Phodopus sungorus) in a hamster wheel. left|30px|Wikimedia logo Please compare this image and the order of its colours with the Wikimedia logo and note that it is a common joke, that such hamsters are running our servers 😉 Isn’t it the perfect illustration for “Wikipedia has a problem. Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.”? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ask yourself, have you ever found yourself constantly repeating the same errors over and over? Did you even have the feeling that even as it was happening, you had been down that road before? Cycles tend to be like that. Cycles are such, because they repeat a given pattern. In order to break the cycle you must recognize the signs when they reveal themselves and take the appropriate action.

Case in point, the speaker mentioned that three things you must look out for is that you don’t allow yourself to become too tired, too hungry, or too lonely.

  • Too Tired: In the physical, we know that when we become too tired, our resistance is lower. Things that we might not otherwise fall prey to, we are more apt to sicknesses and emotional outbursts when we do not get proper rest. When we are too tired, we don’t think clearly, our responses are slower, and we become susceptible to depressed emotional states.
  • Too Hungry: The natural thing to do when you become hungry is to satisfy the hunger. When you get to points that are beyond the natural and normal degrees of hunger, you are more likely to want to satisfy those hunters by any means necessary. That means you will look in places that are unhealthy and less wholesome. The desire to compensate through illicit behaviors like sex, drugs, and junk foods of all sorts becomes the easy route to take in the attempt to fill the void.
  • Too Lonely: As with being too tired and too hungry, being too lonely opens a vault to susceptibility to filling the void in anyway possible. Becoming too lonely puts you in the position of poor judgment. Loneliness opens the door to toxic relationships, finding yourself in toxic places, and getting involved in toxic behaviors.

When you notice these indicators, it is more likely that you can break the cycles by changing what you do. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. By changing what you normally do; by not allowing yourself to become too tired, too hungry, or too lonely, and doing something different, you’re more likely to break those cycles that have had you going in circles.

QUESTION: What strategies do you have for identifying and breaking cycles?



  1. suppamodel · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Press 4 Word and commented:
    This is so true! I’m glad you have me covered on the last one!

  2. This was for me. *sigh*
    I’m listening..

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