When You’re In A Drought or Dry Season

Recently I had a conversation with some friends and acquaintances about something very serious. One of them is currently going through a difficult season in their walk with God. Hearing all that this person was going through had brought back a flood of memories of my own dealings during a couple of rough seasons in my life.

English: Dry earth in the Sonora desert, Mexic...

English: Dry earth in the Sonora desert, Mexico. Español: Tierra seca en el Desierto de Sonora, México. Français : Terre asséchée du Désert de Sonora, au Mexique. Deutsch: Trockenrisse in der Sonora-Wüste, Mexico. 日本語: 乾いた大地、メキシコのソノラ砂漠にて。 Nederlands: Uitgedroogde bodem in de Mexicaanse Sonorawoestijn Polski: Wysuszona ziemia na pustyni Sonora w Meksyku. Português: Terra seca no deserto de Sonora, México. Русский: Высушенная земля в пустыне Сонора, Мексика. 中文: 墨西哥索诺兰沙漠干枯的土地。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One such time happened to be several years prior to my marriage to my wife. I was in my mid twenties, I had been singing in the choir, a musician for the children’s choir and occasionally for other choirs as needed. I was full of joy and quite exuberant in my faith walk. But things.had been gradually changing. The fire had been dying and my faith walk which had at one time been like ice skating seemed to turn into a walk through the tar pits.


Praying and studying scripture became difficult at best. People I had once counted on for counsel and guidance were one by one either passing on to glory, moving to other churches or were completely oblivious as to what I was even talking about or couldn’t relate to my situation. This was the beginning of my second dry season experience. Droughts and dry seasons can be exhausting. After going through it and coming out, there are some interesting lessons I learned.


Good Shepherds Lead Flock to New Pastures


Just as you read in Psalm 23, a good shepherd will lead his flock to green pastures. When an are becomes depleted of it resources, it becomes necessary for the shepherd to find a new place to graze if he intends for his flock to survive. If food or water becomes scarce you cannot last long. Consider that grass represents the Word of God and water represents the Holy Spirit. A lack in these things is a slow spiritual death.


Moses had to lead people through the wilderness to the Promised Land. Egypt had once been a place of refuge during a 7 year dry season. But a time came when they no longer had favor with the government. They became a burden and a strain on resources. It led to them becoming servants to Egyptian rule. At a time when the early church was thriving, they forgot the command given to make disciples in the uttermost parts of the world. It led to them being persecuted.


Dry seasons often signal that change is either imminent or necessary for God to accomplish through us what He intended. When farmers and others who rely on water sources find that water has become scarce, they often seek out new water with the use of a divining rod. When we see that we are lacking in a certain area, we must see the signs and adjust accordingly.


Plants Need Space To Thrive


When plants can’t get what they need to live, often the best thing to do is to transplant it in new ground. A potted plant sometimes becomes too big for the pot it is in. Moving it into a larger pot or even placing it in a good fertile garden patch will allow for it to thrive once more.


Creating A New Appetite


When Moses was taking the people of Israel across the desert, God wanted to reveal Himself to them as their sole provider. They clothes and shoes never wore out, and there were none feeble among them. He even provided them with water and Manna. Their desire for meat was a signal to what they thought they were missing by not being back in Egypt. God gave them so much quail that it literally sickened them.


God was creating in them a new appetite. His desire was their total dependence on Him. Everyone in a while when we get accustomed to eating certain things, what we eat can become bland from a lack of variety. A new hunger or thirst can often be a sign of growth and maturity, a readiness for deeper revelation or relationship with God.


When you can see the signs of your drought or dry season, you can take action to come out of it. Seek new ground, a deeper connection to God, pursue God’s heartfelt desire for you. When you come out of your dry season, you will no doubt have a new zeal. Embrace it with all that is within you.


QUESTION: What has gotten you through your drought or dry season?



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