X-Factor: You’re in God’s Economy

As children, we look at the world so differently from the way we do as we mature. Everything is so simple and uncluttered by the complications that we as adults tend to create. Yet as children, we often don’t see our place in God‘s grand economy. The story is almost no different when you get to the later years of life. I don’t say this from personal experience, just personal observation; however, I can relate on one level as one who did not believe that I would live to see the age I am now.

P Economy

P Economy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The awesome thing about it though, is that in God’s economy, nothing goes to waste. This has been one of those things that has brought me great hope in my life, from the time I was old enough to understand the preacher in the pulpit. It matters not who you are, where you come from, what your past was like or what hand you were dealt at birth or since. Whoever you are, male or female, young or old, you fit right into his economy.

God has uniquely designed us to have purpose and to fulfill something specific at every stage of life. As children, we teach our elders about themselves. They see themselves in us and through us can correct things in themselves that they might not have seen as problematic. As children, we are also learning about life and growing and through our discovery and childlike nature we give hope to those who may have lost theirs. The energy and vitality of our youth has fueled revolutions, inspired innovations, and caused men to become aware of the legacy that resides beyond their own lives.

As young adults and adults, we are the laborers. We build, and establish. We are the strength of society. Through us we bridge the generations. We have not attained all, but we are much further along in life. We fight the fights that cannot be fought by children or old men. We care for the downtrodden, the incapacitated, the forgotten ones. We do not have all knowledge, yet we know enough to mentor and mature those younger ones coming up on our heels; helping them to avoid the pitfalls we fell prey to.

The stately elders of society are not and should never be forgotten. The experience of years has given them insights that we can only hope to achieve. The wealth of wisdom that is encapsulated within them is a treasure unfathomable. To not tap into this treasury is a loss to not only us, but to those who follow us. It would be as one needing to design a well long buried by years of earth. What the elders know of lasting marriage, and other big pictures of life that we assume we have a handle on, is best to be received of those who have been down the road many times over.

Your life isn’t a waste of time, space, or energy. If God took the time to give you life and even took the time to extend your life, take it from someone that knows, He did it because He has a plan, and you are a absolute part of it. It doesn’t matter if you never reach the top of Forbes Richest or if you never see the light of day due to being stricken blind in your mother’s womb. God says that you yet fit into His economy. He has determined your worth, and it’s not based on anything the earth can calculate for compensation. You are priceless. It’s so indescribable that even Simon Cowell cannot define it. You have an X-Factor and it is why you will always fit into God’s economy.

QUESTION: If God didn’t place an expiration date on you or the x-factor in you, how do you embrace it at whatever place you currently are in life?


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